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I like the blue flowers and out of focus bride — but I’m not the bride or groom, and I like flowers.  I think that’s the fourth photo, the first three look a bit over exposed, as do the next few.

The shoes look sharp but the left shoe is out of the frame.  Is the whole shoe in the original frame?  There are spots on the shoe that suggest there was no lens hood.  The bride’s head is cut off at the neck.

The one shooting down onto the bride with her bouquet is nice.  Is the dress supposed to be white?  It looks yellow.

No clue who the guy holding the fabric is.  It would be a better photo if his hand was in focus.

The guy’s face photo is good.

I’m having trouble with the photo of the cake.  Why is it tilted?  Why is there a copper drain pipe behind the cake?  What is the white thing near the top of the pipe in the frame?

The groomsmen holding the groom photo has a few floating heads.

The bride and groom photo has good saturation but lots of black space over their heads and a bunch of white debris behind the groom.

The last photo is interesting. I hope this is a small representation of what you took and that you got all of the expected photos, bride getting ready, arriving at church, the ceremony, signing the register, leaving church, the receiving line, all the important guests, the speeches, and so on. The whole detailed list runs several pages.

I think you need a lens hood, and some work to get a bit more saturation into some shots.

Perhaps the best solution is to consider the unpaid difference a gift to the happy couple.