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The faded color photos look great, but one thing to keep in mind is that some clients don’t like that style. I know I mentioned it above but in your albums post a few examples of a clean edit next to a different/faded edit or a b+w of the same image so that they can see that you can do a normal edit too if they aren’t into the other style. It just might open up a few more potential clients when they can say “Oh, she’s got a few options.” There’s an amazing photographer in my state, hugely sought-after especially for weddings, and I love them… but… the only style they really post examples of are very subdued, hazy tone photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but would I love that style in 5 years? 10? I don’t know, therefore, when I go with a photographer in the future I want someone who can also provide me with a solid, clean photograph plus a few hazy/subdued/etc. options. And you CAN do it if you know how to edit, it’s just a matter of letting potential clients know that when they see your site. I myself love the hazy style and it’s very popular right now.