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Cool, I understand. The first step into understanding what you do is to question why you do certain things, why do you crop things, compose things a certain way, etc. etc. I was curious if you had really thought about it like that, and it’s definitely okay if you hadn’t.


First thing I notice is that you’re work seems to be very contrasty. Another thing is one some of your recent portraits seem to be  “hot”, or blown out, in the highlights. I think this photograph (http://www.flickr.com/photos/passiveflight-photography/7168068903/in/photostream/) is the strongest portrait you have for me. It’s the most interesting for me.


Maybe I’m just a cynical twenty year old, but the wedding photos don’t really do anything for me. They don’t seem to put a unique vision of the day, if that makes sense. I found that you have a lot of really nice monochrome landscapes buried in your collection. I like those a lot, technically they are really solid, for the most part. In fact this one here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/passiveflight-photography/6873161043/in/photostream/) reminds me of a BRILLIANT photographer by the name of Josef Koudelka who photographed with a panorama negative size. I think you’d enjoy his work


If there’s anything else or anything you want me to address specifically, I’m glad to elaborate! 😀