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Not too bad.  You already know but I will re-state it here, some of the crops are not all that great, but if you did them in LR, then you should be fine.

As for filling the frame, it’s a guideline for making you utilize most of the image area with your subject, it works well with portraits. You don’t always have to follow the “Rule”, it all depends on subject matter, style and type of shoot. The last thing you want to do though is take a photo of someone and have to crop away 75% of the image because they are too far away for example. You lose details and amplify all of the little mistakes by doing that.
The object is to make your photos look their best as well as the people or subjects in them.

The only major thing I saw and it is like a pet peeve with me, is your color. I took these 3 images to show you an example. If you notice, the color for these 3 images is way off from one another. Individually, they probably look fine, but together, you really start to see the variance in color.
If you are using LR, adjust one and sync the other 2 to the edited one to see how the look then.

Otherwise, I think they look okay to me.