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I am not sure if there is really a rule… I usually make sure that there is room to crop to 8×10 since that is a popular size and it is very different then a 5×7  and if you ever end up doing gallery wraps you will need space around the edge otherwise some ones forehead will be folded around the edge. Images right out of the camera with no crop done print perfectly as a 4×6 then a 5×7 crops a little bit but not super noticeable but a 8×10 is a whole lot different. Its almost square compared to the other 2. How you crop your photos in post isn’t a huge deal if you sell prints because then you know you can go back in and fix what you need to fix before you send it to the printers. If you sell digital copies on a disk however you have to realize that a client 9 times out of 10 are not going to realize that the crop for different size prints is sometimes drastically different and they aren’t going to be too happy with their cropped of arms and ears. I just run my crop tool in photoshop and click on the different sizes and make sure everything fits in all the crop sizes before I save my completed images, I don’t use lightroom but I am sure there is something similar 🙂  Sorry if that was long and I hope it makes sense, its late and I am packing for a 3 month trip with a 2 year old in only 2 suit cases lol