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You’re  either in business to make money or you’re not.  You are pretending to be, and your prices and the way you practice reflect that.  That screams faux to me regardless of photo quality.

To me it seems like you are offering affordable prices that are appropriate for your level of skill, experience, and resources.”

You don’t charge according to skill level…..*shakes head* This is such bad advice

If you really want to be serious and you really would like to maybe some day do this full time and make a living, here are just a few links that share my view on things (if you want more info on the business end of things, I will be happy to share more links with you.  Just ask)





If you are happy with what you are doing, happy with just pretending, then I’m sorry you are also going to have to be happy with your fauxtographer label, because you are one.