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I totally understand now.  You definitely have a camera with low ISO performance.  I know plenty of photographers who use entry-level DSLRs and do just fine with it and take awesome photos for their clients.  Shit, I’ve seen photographers shoot high fashion shots with a disposable camera.  The camera does not make the photographer.  You just need to know your limitations.  I use a prime lens, I try and get as much light as possible indoors, I use a tripod if I have to, and occassionally I’ll use an external flash for bounce if the room is a little too dark.  For you, I would definitely avoid using ISO settings any higher than 400 and work around it.   Outdoors during the day obviously won’t be a problem, but indoors you definitely have to play around with light and your camera settings.

Your photography is just fine, but keep it simple with the editing.   Your fall photoshoot is a good example of where I personally would not have used that editing style.  It’s not bad, and some clients may find it appealing, but to me it just takes away detail and most importantly, it takes away from the beautiful fall colors that should show through.

Also…  I understand your reasoning for not giving clients prints.  Like I said, it is YOUR business and I am not here to tell you to run it.  The photographer who shot my homebirth did just that.  She gave me a disc of high-res photos.  Photos were great.  She is far from a fauxtographer.