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“Just because I don’t charge for prints doesnt make me automatically a faux. Its because I am a mom, and I work full time. THEN do this. I do not have a studio. To be honest, it is easier for me to not have to order prints. I’ve done that before. This makes them happier, and me as well. This isn’t my full income, I’m not looking to make a living. I do it because I love it, and I want people to get something better than going to a cookie cutter studio. This doesn’t make me a faux. Yes I am saving up for better camera and lenses. It will come in time. The photosessions are for that.”

The prints were an example of the mindset of a fauxtographer. This entire statement proves my point.  You also state on your FB page. That you would love to do this full time. I am not knocking your photography. I actually think overall you have potential, my point is that as long as you have the mindset that you do you will never be able to make a full time living at this. It has nothing to do with the prints or not. That was an example showing your mindset in your own words. That is what seperate photographers from fauxtographers.  Read my post about the 99.9% and it may explain it more.