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Thank you for your honest opinions! Maybe I should have explained more. I am used a Canon 30d that is one its last leg, so Im saving to get something better, with a better lens. I have pretty much learned from doing and trail and error. Ive only been doing this by myself for a year. I used to work in a portrait studio, which ruined my love for it (it has since come back) then I worked with a HORRIBLE (didnt know at the time) business woman and photographer. I assistanted her and edited for her. So i learned and adapted to her style. I have since moved on from that, and have been trying to edit less and less (last year everything was way more yellow)

Is that the over edited? The yellowish tones? I do admit I use lightroom and use presets, then adjust them how i want. Ive been trying to get away from this. I

And I know I have trouble focusing sometimes.  I am trying to learn how to use my settings better. I do NOT use auto. Fuck that.


And to notaphotographer, thanks for taking a look. Just because I don’t charge for prints doesnt make me automatically a faux. Its because I am a mom, and I work full time. THEN do this. I do not have a studio. To be honest, it is easier for me to not have to order prints. I’ve done that before. This makes them happier, and me as well. This isn’t my full income, I’m not looking to make a living. I do it because I love it, and I want people to get something better than going to a cookie cutter studio. This doesn’t make me a faux. Yes I am saving up for better camera and lenses. It will come in time. The photosessions are for that.

Thank you! Im really going to take what has been said to heart and work harder to just get better and better.