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I do not need to look at your photos to know that you are a fauxtographer. This line in your about sums it up.

“I don’t believe in charging double what I pay (ie 15$ for a 5×7) I don’t like the idea of it. So you will get a disc, and you will have free reign to do what you want with them and get them printed where you want. (If you do need help on where to go for specialty prints, I am more than happy to help)  ”

You also will never be able to do this for a living with this mindset. When a photogrpaher charges $ 15.00 for a 5×7 the customer is not paying for the printing charge. They are paying for an image, a memory, a moment that was captured. The time it took to learn the skill to capture it. The time it took to edit it correctly to have the best print possible. The equipment to capture the image. To me that seems a small price to pay.  You are the very epitome of a fuaxtographer. You think your skill, knowledge, time and equiment cost bring no value to the customer. So when you save enough for better equipment and have to recover the thousands of dollars invested, I guess you will feel the same. Every Click of the shutter is also one click closer to the death of the camera and a costly repair… Still thinking that $ 15.00 for a 5 x 7 is to much to pay?