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Very Nice CC – every time I have an opportunity to take a camera into a venue I do, even if it is bending the rules a slight bit.  Concerts and other events where there is stage lighting always is a true test.

The last time I went to the circus but didn’t fair too well with photos.  I was able to sneak my 7D in but only had a 24-70 on me and it just did not have the reach to do any justice.  I could get the shots but just too far away, needed a longer lens to get in a little tighter for better light control.

What I usually do is a little social engineering before going in to the venue.  I look for any person, usually older or about my age [I’m 42, if that helps] that looks like they are technologically challenged to get my gear in.  On this night, if I would have guessed it was going to be so easy to get it in, I would have brought a bigger lens. Oh well.