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I’ve signed up for the blog, and am planning to buy more of his books once I’m done with this one.

Quick question on DoF, CC:

Willems and most other things I’ve read state that DoF is dependent on (1) aperture, (2) distance from subject, and (3) focal length. BUT… this article http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/depth-of-field.htm (which appears to be well written by competent photography experts) disputes that focal length is part of the equation. (Scroll down about halfway to the section CLARIFICATION: FOCAL LENGTH AND DEPTH OF FIELD)

With my science background, the optics of aperture and distance from subject make absolute sense to me and I rely upon these two items. But focal length….?

Am I right in assuming that, with a longer focal length, the subject appears CLOSER secondary to magnification and therefore the apparent distance from the subject is varied which changes the DoF, which just defaults right back to Distance to Subject?