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I think Shiloh has the potential to become really good. She seems to have some cute ideas, but can’t quite execute. The best friends mini session has cute interaction between the little girls, but they are snapshot-quality.

This set https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=571664432885229&set=a.333590073359334.119146.258277934223882&type=1&theater isn’t bad. They look flat though, but they are sharp and have nice connection with the subject. If you’re good friends with her, see if you can nonchalantly offer some advice. Maybe say you want to practice photography skills with her and take pictures of each other and subtly share ideas like “Oh I love that I can just increase my ISO a little so that I can get better exposure” or “I like to shoot wide-open for portraits to get that shallow depth of field” or something like that. She’ll probably be interested.