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Sashka, you have some nice “snapshots” (not really shapshots, they are technically very good!) The only one I wasn’t crazy about was the baby, but as a new photographer with limited equipment a newborn shoot isn’t easy. Your images are crisp, colorful, and you have an eye for composition. That’s sad she is using a point-and-shoot. The problem is these people don’t realize how much goes into it and how much different types of equipment make a difference. Before I had a DSLR, but was interested in photography, I always saw really nice photos and wondered “how the heck did they get it to look like that?” Speaking a lot on shallow depth of field, crisp eyes, sharp motion photos, the images that didn’t require flash to be bright and vibrant. I was well-aware I wasn’t able to get images like that on my point-and-shoot. I think it was the curiosity and the drive to get images of that quality that led me to learn.