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Don’t care. There are important things in life about which to care and just as many multiplied by infinity which matter little or nothing. Other people’s opinions matter little to me. That’s not meant to sound superior in any way. I just see society has become (more than ever) willing to allow themselves to be led rather than to think for themselves as to what is good and what is simply garbage and not worth wasting a moment of your precious life on. People should be spending more time on “what matters to me…what do I like…what do I care about” as opposed to allowing others to tell you. Exchange of ideas, information and so forth is great. It’s how we learn and I do come across great stuff every day and I’m grateful for the people who do share that and gives me an opportunity to become a better photographer. Unfortunately, the brainwashed masses do love to be told what is good/bad/right/wrong/popular/bygone/etc. Ad nauseam. People tend to think less for themselves about what matters and what should matter to them. Someone pushing their selection of what they think is great photos (or really, just about anything else in life) just makes me laugh about how sad their little lives must be that they need to do this in order to somehow elevate their ego. I only care about tripe like this when it directly or indirectly affects my life. Someone “picking” or pimping certain pics is sad and pathetic indeed and if nothing else just gives you the “head’s up” that anything they have to say in the future is most likely worth ignoring.