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You’ve got a great start!

You over-edit eyes almost every single time though. If you edit in lightroom or photoshop, look at the photo zoomed out (photoshop) or look at the thumbnail (lightroom) – if they look like they stand out or are alien-esque, you’ve gone too far.

Some colour inconsistencies too;

The above are from the same shoot, but have differently toned skin!

You need to watch your angles too (This is obviously personal opinion but I hate when things aren’t level);


^ The angle isn’t helping the photo at all. If you don’t think your shot is interesting without tilting your camera, then your shot probably just wasn’t that interesting.

You seem to have a problem with focusing when you’re zoomed out too, so maybe give that some practice.


^ Is my favourite photo I went through of yours. I would ALMOST say the center-composition works… almost. Other than that I would be happy to have a photo like that taken of me.


I really think you’d benefit from getting use to shooting with off-camera flash.
^ Photos like that would greatly benefit from OCF


But yeah, great start – specially for being as young as you are.
Just practice focusing, stop over-editing eyes, no tilt, and invest in a flash.
Figure out that stuff and you’ll be on your way to being where you need to be to be charging a decent amount.


1 more thing I’ve noticed!
^ You often miss little things like how her shirt is over her hand… would have been awesome if her hands were visible!