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Here’s what I see.
I see a basic understanding of light, exposure, and all the more technical aspects. I see consistency. Yes, the effects are atrocious, and some just outright funny, but to me that’s all a matter of taste. Not my taste, but I see nothing to contradict the 15 years in business or a decent knowledge of photography. A fauxtographer would not be able to achieve pictures like this, but only think their pictures were better because they didn’t add cheesy effects and embellishments.
I do believe it IS a cultural thing, (this would sell like hot cakes where I live) and her/his clients are more than thrilled. And I also think this photographer, if their demographics were to change, and they saw the need to change their “style” to more subdued, they’d be able to do so effectively.  God awful stuff.  I don’t think I’ll ever be the same after looking.  Thanks for sharing it