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I didn’t recognize the name. Looking him up, I realized I have “liked” a number of his photos on 500px: https://500px.com/jakeolsonstudios. 500px has a large thumbnails page format so you can see a lot of images at once. There is a definite consistency to his photos, and a similarity to others who post at 500px, like https://500px.com/liliaalvarado. Though, Jake’s photos have somewhat more even photography and post processing. Also, if I had a road like that near me, I would probably use it a lot too! His bio says he is published by a number of magazines including National Geographic. That speaks to quality photography.

I still have no understanding of Jake’s character. He could be a really nice guy, a jerk, or worse, … I have no idea and can’t comment on that.

Just curious, of the other photographers out there. Are you a narcissist? Do you belittle your clients? Are you just so good at your craft that everyone else’s work look like kindergarten crayon work?
How does this business model work for you, I am curios.

Let’s talk politics for a moment. I’m in Toronto, Canada. We had a mayor that everyone heard about. He worked hard to return constituent’s calls, but he was very conservative and always went on about how well he was doing his job and how much money he was saving us. Then we had an ice storm and the money he saved us by not trimming trees came back to bite us because power lines went down all over and people were without electricity in the middle of a cold winter, for a week or more! At the next election there was a lot of strategic voting to ensure we got a new mayor because the electoral system is first past the post and this guy’s support was still running at around 30%! We also just changed federal parties for much the same reason and again there was a lot of strategic voting to ensure the Conservatives did not form another government. Now the amazing part: We get to watch the US Presidential Election process. Trump seems to be doing pretty well. Based on what we have seen so far, he would be worse than either of the guys we threw out of office! He calls people names. He insults. He has no actual policies. He just keeps repeating he is going to make America great again, and America is going to win so much people will get tired of winning! If he gets elected there will be a major train wreck, but he sure seems to be doing well at the moment. That business model seems to work for Trump.