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camo wedding

A shot of the bride, in her camouflage gown, fixing her bra strap? It doesn’t get much worse!

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  1. cameraclicker

    Playing with her bra strap, mid-ceremony, is unfortunate. Camouflage gown is obviously a fashion statement, and not the photographer’s responsibility. Less DOF to get rid of the HT cables would have been nice. Too bad it’s cropped so close, the minister/officiant is missing a foot and the bride is missing both feet. They are all wearing glasses and there is no glare. Also, no raccoon eyes. The light is a bit flat but at least they are in focus.
    What does the rest of the page look like? Is this really from a portfolio, or just an unfortunate frame in a group of dozens, or more?

  2. roycebennett

    I probably would of tried to of framed better without the bride playing with her bra strap. But I have to agree that the choice of clothing and venue is out of the photographer’s hands.

  3. Shame about the attire and hey, I can still see them so it didn’t work. Bigger shame about the framing, dof, timing and the mistake about deciding not to cull this one from the lot. Don’t tell me you didn’t have another “nothing really going on at this particular moment” shot at the altar.
    Oh, and “fixing her bra strap? It doesn’t get much worse!” ? Yes, yes it does. How about hiking up the strapless dress with both hands during the vows? Hey, I thought she was going for a hug and snapped it. Wow, was I wrong. Naturally I had the good sense to delete that sucker.

  4. Worst Case Scenario

    Ha! the camouflage is working perfectly! It’s more a question of what you are trying to hide. Looking at the dreadful attire has stopped you all noticing the HUGE area at the top of the grooms arm where some very big has been badly cloned out. I’m guessing a tank, or an alien space craft!

    “Camouflage gown is obviously a fashion statement,” Well they don’t look like hip trend setters to me, and seeing as he doesn’t even have the same camo pattern on his trousers he didn’t make much of an effort. And judging by the lack of shape of the “gown” I expect he hid under it whilst he shot what ever they are having at the buffet.

    • Dang! Now that you mention it, there’s no unseeing it…and my morbid curiosity really wants to trick me into spending the next hour tracking down the rest of the portfolio and unraveling this profound mystery.

      It appears to have been done to hide something that was just coming over the ridge from the woods beyond. I am guessing it was Bigfoot.

      • roycebennett

        Now that its been pointed out, I see that horrible cloning job that catches part of the grooms arm. I’m guessing they tried to clone out a vehicle.

    • OMG! I didnt even notice the cloning! Ha, guess their camo did its job in one way…

      • There’s actually a Romulan Bird of Prey hidden beneath that crappy attempt at cloning. Somebody misunderstood when the Captain ordered him to engage the CLOAKing device.

        Not that it matters. No intelligent life was observed on the planet, and they didn’t want to stick around for the turkey shoot that was to follow the ceremony.

  5. Choice of attire aside, this isn’t the worst photo I’ve seen on this site; I would’ve just made it black & white personally (and of course, no select color).

    • Seriously? Turning a photo black and white that looks shitty in color (in composition and editing) is like the biggest fauxtographer “fix”. Admittedly, I don’t know you, but you sound like someone who should be featured on here.

    • As stated, it’s a cheap fix. But it would be a good fix if not for one thing – the background. It’s all just brown and green. And they’re wearing brown and green. You’d end up with too much mid tone and the couple wouldn’t stand out.

      Not to mention that b&w camo might actually look worse than the fact that they wore camo to begin with…

  6. To be fair: no photographer in the world would have made this scenery look halfway appealing.

    • Agreed. You could have Jerry Ghionis take a spin and my guess is it would still look pretty darn horrible. That clone job however … there’s no excuse for that.

  7. That’s not her bra, that’s her dress. We can’t ONLY blame the photographer for this one. It’s a boring, throw-away shot, but if they had, we wouldn’t be laughing at it here.

    • Just think- She probably WASNT wearing a bra…. Twice as bad for the photographer!

  8. So what is happening with the bouquet? Is the groom holding it?
    I’d like to see the other shots of this wedding, if this is one of the best.

  9. Kevin Grishkot

    Unfortunately, it gets worse, much, much, worse.

  10. OnlyAHobbyist

    So, what happened to not making fun of the subjects and just sticking to picking apart the technical aspects of a faux shot? If they’re into camo stuff and this was their ‘dream’ wedding, then who are we to judge? Stick to complaining about the bad cloning, the posting of a throwaway (and the fact that she in the middle of fixing her dress’s strap definitely makes this a throwaway no matter what else was going on with it), and the other badly done things and let the couple be.

  11. I think the photoshopped out person (isn’t that why the grooms arm is messed up and the trees in the background start mid-air?) is one of the biggest issues. And the framing.

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