Foot People

Amazing and classy! I’d like to know are they Photoshopped into that small woman’s foot? Or the fauxtog’s?

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  1. SteFan!e

    This is as classy as the baby with the foot on the head- that one scared me for life.

  2. Words fail me…

  3. Art_Student13

    Reflective feet….

    how do they come up with this!?

  4. Billiam

    This one boggles the mind.

  5. Does the second foot in the background belong to the foot in the foreground?? They have the same polish and in the right position…..the foot in the back is wearing something completely different though… lazy do you have to be to not say “hey, pick up your left foot”….

  6. I don’t get it. I honestly can’t understand what the he!! this fauxtog was thinking!

  7. look at the comment. seems to be quite the trend to take crappy shots. i wonder if the adverage person would actually like this shot or one as equally as gimmicky. maybe as photographers we are over thinking this whole thing. do stupid post work effects really attract clients with little or no photo knowledge? just an idea..

    • Unfortunately, where this fauxtog is from, it seems to be the norm. I’m amazed that these people get clients left and right, while I’m struggling to build a client base, being new to the area.

  8. The two toes sticking out the end of the shoe are really creeping me out worse than the superimposed people.

  9. Proof that 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  10. BurninBiomass

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to superimpose his image under her heel?

  11. Does that foot stink, or is it just the photograph?

  12. Heather

    This is absurd! The whole concept is disturbing…

    Her arm is over flowing into the grass… I don’t even know why I am going into detail the entire image is just …. I’m at a loss!

  13. Maybe get a pedicure before doing foot shots.

  14. why is he grabbing his….? this is creepy

  15. This makes me think of still from a GIF for a foot fetish/ man trampling video.

  16. It looks like the guy is peeing – LMAO!

  17. Just because you are able to do something, doesn’t mean that you should.

  18. is he peeing on her toes? the position of his hands and the unbuttoned(?) fly makes this all even more absurd…but hey, the fauxtog impressed one person enough to leave a positive comment. I really wonder if any of these fauxtogs actually see this site! I hope they get a friendly note with link.

  19. Nice pedicure, don’t you think? Shame the further foot is out of focus though.

  20. robert

    This should be read in a “MWAC”-attack voice:
    And if your picture is a little blurry, or under-exposed, or there is a tree growing out of a head, that’s nothing to worry about. Photoshop can fix all of that! And if it’s really bad, here’s what you do:
    Take the picture, make it smaller and stick it onto -another- bad picture that you took. A shoulder, a foot, a belly, it doesn’t matter. Then take the opacity slider, yes I know it’s a hard word but think of it as the flaw-fader. Move it somewhere in between and your mistakes melt away. No-one will know which is part of what picture, and now you have a unique, creative picture to boot!

    • Pelham

      Aw crap, now all the aspiring fauxtogs know which sliders they have to use!!! Aahhh!! Run for the hills!! 😉

  21. Siobhan

    Just why???

  22. boriscleto

    It’s obvious that the fauxtog is a foot fetishist from the Jersey Shore.

  23. Wow, do I not get any of this. The photo is lame and weird and possibly inappropriate. Taking it and putting it onto a foot is just…at best, it’s nonsensical. At worst, it’s a window into a very disturbed mind.

  24. FalconGTHO

    Good grief. This is *the* DUMBEST fuggin crap Ive seen on this site so far.

  25. Wtf…

  26. Wsroadrunner

    Athletes foot?

  27. Jilly Jay

    Anyone else catch the ankle bracelet is turned so the clasp is showing??

  28. Gal with a Camera

    “Wow you are a good girl”. What a dumb comment!! ROFL!

  29. Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

  30. Nancy

    El pie es del man? es un travesti?

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