Foot Head Baby

What a horrible birth defect, at least the fauxtog is working with the deformity by adding some wedding band bling on the big head-toe… In all seriousness though, what the heck was this fauxtog thinking!?!

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  1. justme00

    This is so horrible I dont even have words for it!

  2. Shelley

    Seriously??? I think this probably right at the top of the worst I have seen on here!

  3. OMG. I think this really is about the worst I have ever seen.

  4. vonnie

    What the holy hell???

  5. Amber J

    Ok what the hell….seriously this has to be a joke? This is bad on SO many levels.

  6. W.T.F.
    Sometimes I can kind of see what the fauxtog was going for but this is just…weird. That’s the nicest way I can put it.

  7. That’s beyond wrong…

  8. Wasn’t there a character like that in the old Dick Tracy weeklies?

  9. michelle

    This is just so wrong. What the fuck were they thinking?

  10. OMG. That’s all I can come up with.

  11. What. The. Actual. Fuck.
    I am truly speechless 😮

  12. Angela

    For once, I am speechless. How could ANYONE think that’s worthy of a “professional” photo?

  13. SCARY ! !

  14. Where does the ring come in??

    • Wsroadrunner

      Because foot head baby has no hands? IDK… I really don’t know. How could anyone hate a baby enough to do something like this.

  15. Oh… my… gawd. My first thought was this is by FAR the worst photo I have seen here. I can’t decide if looks like a horrible birth defect or some kind sick joke or both! Either way I hope this fauxtog isn’t actually charging money for this crap!

  16. So very wrong!

  17. I hardly ever comment but this is the worst I have seen! SOOO WEIRD

  18. WTF… That’s seriously the most insanely hideous photograph ever.
    If anyone jumps on the “Oh you people are so mean” bandwagon & defends THIS atrocity… They are as mental as the Fauxtographer.

  19. WTF indeed! This is by far the worst I’ve seen

  20. Rachel

    EW! I’m hoping they did it just to get on this website, but I highly doubt that was the case. This makes me physically ill.

  21. Don’t y’all think when the baby’s hair grows in, it will cover that?


  22. How clueless can they get

    The person who had and executed this idea should be banned for life from any kind of artistic endeavor

  23. Holly Hannah that is one messed up pic.

  24. I, for one, welcome our new toe-headed baby Overlords….

  25. Elizabeth

    Probably the worst that I’ve seen before. Holy cow….what brain disease does a person have to have to think this is any way good..?!!

  26. LaughingGirl

    Oh, it isn’t THAT bad, you guys. You’re all so mean! The poor fauxtog is just trying to take some poor sucker’s money for this piece of “art” that is mocking their baby, and photography as an viable art. And it’s certainly original, riiiight?


  27. Autumn

    I have never posted one time on here……..until now.

    My first thought was a horrible birth defect that makes the baby have a chicken’s comb on their head! And then the added bling…….SO WRONG!!!! OH – and don’t forget the poor kids’ eyeball coming OUT of the baby toe! Good gracious! Photos like this make be believe I’m a whole lot better than I think sometimes!

  28. Heather

    My favorite is the huge watermark in the middle of the face…you KNOW you wanted to steal that image and use it as your own!!!! Aaaahahahahahahaha

    • That is exactly what was making me laugh most – that the fauxtog thought someone might try and steal the image. Mmm yep okay o.O

  29. I understand there are probably legal issues but is there any way you are allowed to post the names of these ‘photographers’ or links to their sites?, I always find myself wanting to see the rest of their portfolio…….

  30. Pelham

    Holy wtf… anyone got some Javex? I need to bleach my eyeballs.

  31. Wsroadrunner

    OK… someone is smoking waaaaayyyy too much crack. WTF were they thinking? Take that camera and computer and smash the hell out of them.

  32. I stopped dead in my tracks. This HAS to be a joke. No one can have put this together as a serious image. No one.

  33. :*( poor baby…no baby should be subjected to such cruelty!

  34. Is this what they call a “toe head”?

  35. Yep. This is the worst ever!

  36. Oh dear lord, this type of fauxtography should be made illegal. Adobe should have an inbuilt taste filter to stop this happening.

  37. ROFL

    Just imagine the victim of this picture having to explain to his highschool girlfriend/ bride-to-be what happened to his baby pictures…

    “Sweety, I have none.”
    “But why?”
    “I burned them…”

  38. Maybe it’s time to start a “fauxtographer hall of [f|sh]ame”? This one should easily make the 1st place,

  39. Tchernobyl baby!

  40. This can be real. If it is, imagine how big that ring has to be. The size of a single watermelon or cantaloupe!! There’s no way that kid’s head is that small! Please tell me that this is supposed to be a fake. If it supposed to be real, it’s ridiculous. If its a joke, it’s just stupid. Someone got bored & thought they’d play around with fixing pics to make them look real. Unfortunely, it looks real FAKE. I hope the kid grows up and sues whoever branded him the “foot head kid” for life. Poor kid.

  41. WTF!!!!!!!

  42. Did the mother get &*#@ed by a rooster? The kid looks like he’s growing a comb on the top of his head!

  43. This your fauxtog. Now, this is your fauxtog on crack! WTF, man! I understand no talent, compositionally ignorant, or even just plain stoopid! But having somebody spend some time on the computer to make this P.O.S. and still slap “______ photography” on it?! What’s next? A pregnant lady giving birth on the toilet bowl, in cyan blue?! Were you high on bath salts or something? I don’t know if I should slap this guy silly or congratulate him! Hahaha! These creative little f#ckers…

  44. Out of focus and overexposed!!
    Apart from the other obvious problems….!

  45. First of all….that picture makes me want to say what the hell. Second of all, I’m kind of jealous at the photoshop skills. Pretty seemless integration of the foot and head.

    At least they didn’t use other appendages.

  46. melissa

    hahahaha! This is one of your finest, YANAP!!

  47. OMG what IS that??? This is quite a find!

    I sort of wonder what the originals of these photos looked like. Was it a decent, even good photo, before someone decided to get overly creative and turn it into a horror show?

  48. wtf? usually the pictures on here, though poorly executed you can at least see what the fauxographer was trying to achieve.. this though.. I have NO IDEA.

  49. If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it…

  50. OMG once again you have outdone yourselves by diving to the depths of photo hell and resurfacing with this!

  51. For a minute there it looked like open brain surgery to me. Not the most flattering image.

  52. Late to the party but Jesus Jumpin’ Christ!

  53. The Guy

    Obviously the creator of this photograph actually does have a foot for a brain, and wants others to share his unfortunate disfigurement. If we could actually find the names of the fauxtog’s on here, we would surely find that this foot-brained fauxtog has a whole portrait site of ped-heads.

  54. This is the winner, for sure.

  55. Michelle

    OH MY!!!!!!!! And they were so certain that someone was going to crop out their watermark and claimed this prized photo as their own that they stuck it right in the center …a safety measure..God forbid someone else get the “credit” for this photo!!!

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