Flower or Feces

Too many burritos for the baby? Or just really unfortunate positioning? Either way, everything about this one is just awful! Shame on you “Picture-lady”!

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  1. The poop geyser cannot be unseen.

  2. i’m laughing. i shouldn’t be. i’ll wake the baby… mine that is

  3. Oh dear. Couldn’t she see it? This is one of the few that is actually funny.

  4. Whats with that purple smile face in the background?

  5. Canaduck

    Ew, Tub-Baby. 🙁

  6. Wsroadrunner

    Killer farts!

    This is seriously craptastic!

  7. Its a whole tower of shite!

  8. Omg…lol

  9. wow. I found her site, and it only gets worse…..

    • Billiam

      Link please!

    • aswicks

      You went looking for here site?? Masochist.

      • Yes I guess I am a bit of a masochist. LOL. I cannot post the link cause that is not allowed, sorry.

        You know sometimes I look through the ads on CL or Kijiji by the local photographers and then go to their FB pages and laugh. (some do not even have a website) Unfortunately sometimes I almost cry because these MWACS are getting business which means consumers are getting dumbed down in what to expect in photography.

        Sad really. 🙁 ((((group hugs))))

  10. sundownlow

    I found her site too….Not Good!

  11. TollToll

    I wonder where she found that huge flower *rolls eyes*

  12. aw common they’re just paying homage to Anne Geddes.

  13. omg no words for this at all

  14. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    I did a Google search for ‘the picture lady.’ There are a whole load of picture ladies out there.

  15. This one wasn’t hard to find, throw the pic into google images

  16. I’m sorry, I’m confused or maybe blind. Is the poop supposed to be the middle of the flower shooting up from the baby’s but? I don’t see any real poop on there.

  17. Her website belongs on you are not a graphic designer too.

  18. BurninBiomass

    Yesterday this had me reduced to tears I was laughing so hard. Looking at it today, it is still producing serious giggles.

  19. So the lucky picture-lady has a fountain of feces in her yard, conveniently big enough to hold a baby and shaped just like a flower. You’re are just jealous, aren’t you? 🙂

  20. Wow, this is… wow !
    Diarhea fountain.

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