Five O’clock Shadow

I cannot get over those shadows. Wow.

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  1. I can’t get over the pose. I can’t stop staring at the boys staring at mom.

  2. Bad pose, bad lighting, bad photoshopping… Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3 – you’re out!

  3. “But I have a pro-level DSLR and a studio lighting kit and a white background. I am a professional!” (This would be the sales pitch to the poor saps who took him at his word.)

  4. Typical problem. Not enough “throw” to be able to separate the background from the subjects.

  5. pixelmunkie

    Wonder if that went on the wall over their fireplace? WOW

  6. That girl’s smile is really starting to scare me…..

  7. Aberline

    Is that a light behind the backdrop shining through it??

  8. Love the wrinkles in the backdrop. Or is that texture?

  9. Wsroadrunner

    The fauxtog needs to put the sheet back on the bed and learn photography before charging for this crappola. Imagine if this is the last photo ever taken of these people… is THAT how you would want ot be immortalized????

  10. pixeldawg

    This is exactly what’s been preached about photographers who have little if any training. poorly executed. And the two guys staring at the older woman is just plain creepy. Almost like they “want” her. Ewwwww!

  11. Why must you post these things… not only did I almost break a rib laughing so hard, but now I’ve gotta clean the coffee off my keyboard and screen…

  12. Derpface

    Opinions requested: considering they’re all wearing white and light colours, who would use a dark-colour or black backdrop instead, so there is no “floating decapitated head” effect on first viewing? I would, what does everyone else think?

    • No, I would not have swapped to a black or dark background, the clothing fits for a high-key image. Of course, would have had mom remove the vest. And, just for good measure, I would have lit it correctly.

  13. I am sure the 2 guys are not her sons but still related probably.

  14. It’s like the boys are embarrassed of their mom…and the lighting sucks too.

  15. Toghater

    I especially like the chick in fronts enormous head. Love the 24mm for portraits!

  16. Why are they so far apart? Do they hate each other? Maybe the boys are looking at the mom because they’ve plotted to kill her after the photo shoot is over.

    • Wsroadrunner

      I think the daughter is the one plotting… she has that look in her eye that just cries out that mom has no clue about the life insurance policy.

  17. This is a gawd awful image and it appears that the two boys are on a verge of laughing at this ridiculous pose. I wonder if any of these fauxtographers know that their images are being posted here.

  18. Danielle

    This is a family portrait, and those are the sons. Yes, there is a light behind the sheet. This was a new attempt at lighting on the photographers part. No, this is NOT me, but I did submit this person LOL She has no formal traingin, refuses to you tube any videos to learn and get better. Shes says she is just “a natural”. A natural at sucking! She says as long as her clients are happy then that is all that matters. It is awful! Just about EVERY image of hers is like this LOL It is sad that people actually paid her money for these images :-/

  19. Frequently, their clients are “happy” because they don’t want to hurt the fauxtographer’s feelings. I wish I was a “natural.” I hjate being “unnatural.” Yes, I shoot, but not like this. But, since I have a DSLR, it means I’m da bomb; a beast; I rock.

  20. hahahah-i made that mistake on the beginning of my photo-carrier-ups!!!!!

  21. Main light is too low. That’s what I use for “horror lighting,” in front of a black background.

  22. AbsyntheGreene

    Maybe it’s the angle or the fact that she’s looking somewhere else from everybody else, but it almost looks like the daughter was photoshopped in on top of the picture of mum and the boys.

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