Fauxtog’s Angels

That big old moon in the background really helps to make this photo something special!


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  1. Glamour Shots: You’re doing it wrong

  2. i’m pretty sure i can see nipple.

    • Can’t remember where this is from but…
      “Is it a nipple or a shadow?”
      “It’s a nipple.”
      “How can you be sure?”
      “Because I’m drooling.”

      • That was from Seinfeld… LOL.. It was the woman’s CHristmas card that she sent out to everyone.. LOL… I loved that episode!!

  3. Sylvia

    is that a mom and daughter team??? eeek

    • BurninBiomass

      LOL! Your comment reminded me of a bit with Quagmire on Family Guy.

      Quagmire- How old are you?
      Girl- 16.
      Quagmire- 18? You’re gonna be first.
      Girl- Mom!
      Quagmire- I like where this is going, giggidy-giggidy-giggidy!

  4. It looks like the girl on the right is peeing.

  5. wtf is hanging out the of the chick on the right??? A sperm?

  6. wth is hanging out from inbetween the one chick’s legs….

  7. This made me wanna barf. omg. I want it to be sexy, but it is not.

    • Gal with a Camera

      Take out all the girls, except the one in the middle… and it would be! 😉
      No offense to those other two gals, but that one in the middle is gorgeous! Imo.

  8. there are no words for the horror

  9. Jim T.

    Can i throw up now!

  10. Jim T.

    @ mel~it`s her penis.

  11. Oh my dear goodness! It’s a tampon string!

  12. no words, no hope, no talent…full moons always attract crazy ppl!

  13. skynigurl

    Trailer park hookers?

  14. What truck stop was this taken at?

  15. My BFA is crying in agony that someone not only made this photo, someone also liked it, and that more of them likely exist (given her profile pic).

  16. who would ever think that this is worth publishing online?

  17. the 1 on the end looks like a tampon string comming outta her vajj . oh wait maybe its the umbilcord

  18. Good lord

    OH GOOD LORD , looks like a nipple and run away sperm to me, dreadful

  19. Chacha

    This is disgusting. I want to puke! Aaaghhh!

  20. It’s not the big old moon in the background that scares me, it’s the big old lumps in the foreground!

  21. Billiam

    Leave the models alone. They are innocent bystanders.

    • robert

      I wholeheartedly agree.
      It takes courage and trust to pose like this in front of a photographer. Not only does it turn out to be a crappy fauxtog that has the skill to make them look good (in terms of lighting and posing directions), he/she also betrays that trust to post the photo on a public site.
      *That’s* the most unprofessional behaviour here. Not even recognising the sub-par quality and (even if the models agreed) exposing them to the world.
      BTW: if the fauxtog is that skilled in photoshop (as evidenced by the moon) one wonders why he/she didn’t remove the blemishes that people here are no making so much fun of.

      • Christi

        It’s is just totally embarrassing for everyone involved, I’m embarrassed by being on this site and commenting on it, by looking at the moon, it’s obvious this fauxtag is NOT skilled in Photoshop, but yes, he could have surely got rid of the tampon string.

    • Actually, they’re not. They had to have seen the photographer’s work before going along with him/her. People have bad taste and make poor choices. If they chose to be photographed in lingerie by someone who publishes his/her work online, then they have opened themselves up to criticism. I get so tired of people coming on here (a site where people make fun of pictures) and then get mad because people make fun of pictures. The only time I won’t make fun of a subject in the picture is when it’s a child.

      • Billiam

        Actually, they are. There doesn’t appear to be a watermark and it seems to be a group or page for women who like expressing themselves this way. Somebody retarded enough to try to pass this monstrosity off as a photograph probably doesn’t have a body of work to showcase their talents.

        Secondly, make fun of the pictures, if that is what you need to boost your low self esteem, but leave the damned models alone. I understand if you’re intimidated by them because you have an ample north-american frame or something like that, but this site is more about deconstruction of an image and seeing ways to improve our own work. Not just berating people for the sake of berating them.

        Are you familiar with John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Dickwad Theory? You should look it up. You may be surprised that it relates to you.

  22. Aspiring pro photographers – get the heck off Facebook and get into the real world. You can post a masterpiece on there and get lots of ‘Wow, amazing shot! You are a genius! Incredible’ comments to massage your ego. Which is great but then then the worst fauxtography will get exactly the same comments. Raise your aspirations.

    • Christi

      So so true..

    • I definitely agree that photographers should be going somewhere else for feedback. At the same time however FB and other social networking is what you need to do these days to raise your profile and market yourself.

  23. The one on the right looks like she has a mouse trying to crawl up her ****** :-O

  24. How to look good naked? Don’t call this fauxtog!

  25. Roxanne

    I can’t even

  26. Christi

    I try and have an open mind as an artist, but WTF? Why would anyone even come up with this concept in their mind? This is just creepy, looks like the fauxtog dug through his grandma’s underwear drawer and got the playtex girdles out. Did these ladies take a look at this guys portfolio before doing this? Please, put the camera down and take some classes, for the love of god!

  27. Gal with a Camera

    How can you look at this and go, “Awwwwww!” HOW?!

  28. Pelham

    Being a prudish Canuckistanian, all I can say is…wtf?! That anyone would even want to appear in a boudoir shoot with their own offspring is what really frickin bothers me, esp if he’s the hubby of the model on the left and therefore Daddy to the two girls.

    Yeah the fauxtog still did a shitty job as usual, but don’t they even have enough sense to realize that taking on a client request like this is uhm very dubious and a very bad idea? If any potential clients came to me with such a request, I’d happily steer them to the nearest craigslist site and wish them luck.

  29. Does anyone else waist time trying to find these fauxtogs on FB after seeing this kind of stuff?

  30. Snappy

    Another set of helpless victims. Cheesy background aside (I agree with pelham, the customer is not always right), sometimes you gotta work the posing and lighting to actually flatter the model, instead of murdering them and making them look like a “People of Wal-mart” post – especially when they’re wearing lingerie and they’re not models.

  31. If you zoom in on the pic, it looks like a flower stem. Unfortunate placement, photo, and the model on the left looks like she has to poo.

  32. Oh WTF I’m suing this page for exposing me to such torture! Owww my eyes!!
    Way to go Fauxtog… learn how to compliment women (any clients), not insult them with this rubbish!

  33. Nine people liked this why?!

  34. that’s why I’m gay

  35. I know this guy…. 🙂 It was bound to happen sooner or later.

  36. disturbed


  37. The girl on the right looks like Darleen from Roseanne. And it also looks like she’s into watersports…

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