Fauxtography Saves Lives…

We are thinking this person takes bad photos on purpose, just to save the lives of anyone who might try to steal their photos if they were of any quality! How noble!

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  1. Broken Focus


    Seriously, now you guys HAVE to post a sample of their ‘Photography.’

    • But they might be executed if they do! LMAO!!!!

    • Jep, writing something absurd like that does not make you automatically a fauxtographer. It is possible to be not the brightest person and a good photographer at the same time 😛

      We demand an example (without being executed).

  2. That scared me lol

  3. roland985

    There is always fair use…

  4. wait, wut

    founded 25th december? so, they got a DSLR for christmas, nek minute…. pro photography business 😀

  5. It said Dec 25, 1997. So I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they started on a film SLR. Seeing as how many of today’s consumer DSLR’s weren’t available yet.

  6. Having looked at the link posted above, I can honestly say………….. This person is a true fauxtographer!

  7. Directly on their wall they have some guy grabbing his butt and a woman flipping the bird. Way to be classy.

  8. I don’t see a link. Am i being dense?

    • She deleted the page it looks like. She saw this, had replied about two hours after you.

  9. I really suggest you guys instead of being idiots. I don’t charge people for photography-it’s just a page for fun. So, unless you want to critisize your work than shut the fuck up and take my shit down.

  10. stop being idiots- just woke up

  11. They are good at anything, everything, something, the whole of all that exists, covering the world as one. His/her (it might be a one-man-army, so no plural, for god’s sake) work is to die for, so it’s worth the execution. Electric chair or death by watching the portfolio is your choice.

  12. I guarantee I am younger than most of you are and more intelligent and much more mature. Here’s a life lesson- Live life with no regrets, treat other’s as you would want to be treated, and try to get a good sense of humor not a dumb one like you all seem to have. I’m guessing you all were ignored as a child and like the attention because otherwise you wouldn’t be the way you are and doing what you are for attention. Sorry but I hate attention-and i refuse to be amusement of your games you want to play. Grow up and get a life, I’d like to see some of your work so i can critisize it like you do others. Guarantee you won’t like it because people like you guys never do that’s why you do this. Karma’s a bitch so when everything in your life takes a turn for the worse and it will if i hasn’t already than you will know why.

  13. Why do so many fauxtogs capitalize random words?

    • It’s to drive attention away from their poor spelling, although not to criticize too harshly. 😉
      (Did I mention the poor grammar, too? Oops!)

  14. Do we have a running tally for how many times a fauxtographer comes on and “tells us off?” Can we start keeping one? We can categorize by grammar, threats of bad things happening to us and how many times they demand to see someone else’s portfolio. It’s so cute, how they all think they’re coming at us with an original statement of hatred.

  15. The responses make me sad. The person deleted their profile, I just can’t see benefit behind continuing to trash them.

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