Fauxtographic Child Abuse

Because everyone loves having that special picture of themselves scaring the sh*t out of their small child…

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  1. For the love of God… WHY?

  2. BeckyBoo

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa, cant say nothing but that really!!!

  3. WTF???? That’s just awful. The fauxtographer deserves to be slapped. Slapped hard. For the pose and then for the post processing.

  4. kristy

    is it a fish they just caught ?

  5. I can’t excuse the weak-ass snapshot look, or the horrible vignetting. But I can’t count how many pictures I have of my daughter upside down – she loves it. Hell, most of the toddlers I know love it.

    • Henny

      i did too. until my dad dropped me… ended up with a concussion. anyhow, don’t think a photo like this should be in anyone’s portfolio.

    • Oh yeah, that kid looks like she’s having a blast.

    • I agree. I wont defend the picture in any way, but ‘child abuse’ seems a bit much. I hang my friends and siblings toddlers upside down all the time and they think its hilarious. They come back again and again, asking me to swing them. I find it hard to believe those parents did that with a smile for the camera if the child didn’t love that.

  6. Stephanie

    OMG!!!! That poor child!!!!

  7. kimberly

    Why? Because they saw a similar pose on Pinterest and can’t be creative or original.

  8. That girl is the mom? She looks 12.

    • sean, your portfolio is amazing! i enjoyed looking through your work. out of curiosity, how did you design your website? is it one of those online website makers or did you have it professionally done? thanks

    • Wow! Your portfolio is stunning. Very well done. So creative and fresh. The right amount of edgy and classic.

  9. Aubrey

    This is the kind of pic you would see done by family or friends as a funny “candid” pic. Not one done by a “professional”. Sure everyone is having fun in this picture, but really? Paying for it? eek! Get your money back!

    • Haven’t you heard? All you need to be a professional photographer is to put a fuzzy black ring around a picture…and you’ve got a business! It’s AWESOME!

  10. Holly

    I’ve actually seen a lot of these kinds of poses. I don’t see anything unprofessional about a giggling, upside-down toddler. The rest of the picture, on the other hand is definitely the work of a fauxtog.

  11. Lorra

    One of my photographer friends has an image similar with 4 year old twin boys being held upside down by their parents – however – the boys are obviously laughing and enjoying it, and it is technically sound. This is just horrible.

  12. Who’s brilliant idea was that?! And why did the parents go for it?! wth?

  13. I think they tried to mimic a picture that has been circulating on pinterest with the kids hanging like that. But those kids weren’t screaming.

  14. Stephanie

    Another photo from a Pinterest subscriber. Someone saw the pose (as strange as it is) and then tried to mimic without knowing how to actually take a decent photo. Nothing says priceless family memory like squinting eyes, horrible editing, and the worry that child services may show up at your door.

    (And yes, most toddlers laugh when upside down – it’s the easiest way to get them to laugh sometimes. But for the love, don’t hold them by their feet and turn them right side up before shooting.)

  15. The world is closing in on us! Quick, hold the kid upside down to scare back the vignetting!

  16. Gal with a Camera

    Nah, she’s not scared of being upside down… this is what she’s thinking: “Mommy, daddy! Put me down and let’s get outta here… see, look over there! There’s a boogey man with a camera and he’s trying to shoot us!! AND HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING!!! Ruuuuuuun, before it’s too late! Before he posts our pictures everywhere nonlinear with terrible vignetting!!”

    Man, that’s one smart kid. Those are my thoughts exactly! 😉

    • Gal with a Camera

      NONLINEAR? Seriously?! That was supposed to be, “ONLINE”. Dumb auto-correct!!!!!

  17. Nothin wrong with putting a kid upside down!

    • Something totally wrong with taking posed photos of it. Looks stupid. They look like they just picked up a fresh baby at the open air market and they’re taking it home to have for dinner.

  18. The bad vignetting probably scared the kid alot more.

  19. Wsroadrunner

    Is that supposed to be the mother? is she 13?

    Lookie here wut we’s found in dem dar woods…..

  20. Looks like they caught themselves a nice dinner

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