Fauxtog Christmas

The mother looks like she was the only one who was prepared for this photo to be taken. Did the fauxtog accidentally snap this before the “cheese”? Good thing they put a border on it and included it in their portfolio anyway.

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  1. You spelled “border” wrong Mr. Faux-speller 🙂

  2. My eyes are burning….much like their’s are.

  3. *border

  4. *border.

  5. Seriously!?


  6. shot four inches from the background. What is it with people and walls? Whenever there’s a wall within half a mile of a photo subject, they instantly back up to it like they’re being arrested. This fauxtog just snapped the pic anyways…

  7. Redeye? You cannot be serious!

  8. *theirs (1st comment)

  9. wtf? That baseball stitch border is RETARTED

  10. i like the look of this, i mean it is actually really nice. something new that has not been done before. i say its a masterpiece. and i also like to eat my own toe nails. but hey, when people learn that not every single photo they take is a masterpiece they will start to develop respect for themselves. facebook pages like these are generally put up as self esteem builders. because no one will tell them no. i want to see a site where people just say no thanks.

  11. Heather

    Wow.. that’s all I can say is wow. Aside from the redeye, the awful border and the horrible composition.. what the heck would make someone take a picture in front of some 1970’s looking wrapping paper?

  12. You know I always do a search on tineye and google and I know they do not have a very high percentage of all the web photos covered…..but I have never found one where it was originally posted. I wonder if they are actually real or not?

    • I tried photos several photos I submitted here, on the sites you mention and they don’t come up. I don’t know why since they are off public FB pages.

  13. NicCole

    The background is making my eyes bleed. Was that supposed to happen?

    • they probably had leftover christmas wrapping paper and used that as a back drop…

  14. Not defending the photographer’s decision (wrongly) to include this in his or her portfolio, so don’t go spastic on my comments –

    It looks like something at a daycare center or school. I know this because I’ve done this type of shoot for my daughter’s class… And no none of those photos are on any of my pages – because they were shot in about 30 seconds (1 shot per kid) each – since I had about 20 minutes to do 30 kids – and then hustle and get the prints made – so they could take them home that day for valentines.

    My guess is that a parent came up with the idea of the wrapping paper backdrop, ceiling was probably too high to bounce, so photographer went with direct. As for the distance from the backdrop – when using direct flash – you want the subject as close to the wall as possible to avoid the giant shadows. Same deal with sports team / individual photos – the guidebooks that the companies give to their photographers tell them to use direct flash and get the kid as close to the backdrop as possible to minimize the shadow.

    Again – Not saying that this should be in anyone’s portfolio – because it shouldn’t be.

  15. An umbrella is like 10 bucks.

    Or you can swivel your flash and bounce off of pretty much anything white. the only excuse for direct flash *might* be when you’re shooting directly into the sun, but even then a little bit of forethought can come up with a better solution

  16. Whats with the horrible distracting backdrop?

  17. Meowcate

    So, this fauxtog has a great software that creates great creative border for his great photo… but no red eye correction ?
    … well, I’m asking myself about stuff like Picnik, but my Bibble 5 pro has not red-eye correction. Nice software, but man, it’s a basic tool !

  18. i love how they all look into a different direction. it’s amazing. i want the fauxtogs contact info

  19. Nothing says “quality photographer” like red eye!

  20. Border is unrelated.

    Actually, everything is unrelated. It’s kind of an achievement of mismatched…everything.

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