False Shorts

false shorts

Silly Fauxtog, did you just photoshop those shorts on there to make this SFW?

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  1. cameraclicker

    I’m not seeing the problem. If the shorts were “shopped” on, then masking skills are much higher than the usual standard that causes a photo to end up here. I’d like more separation between the subject and backdrop, and maybe a slight pose change to get the arms more uniform and the right elbow in the frame. That’s all pretty nit-picky stuff though. This photo doesn’t belong here.

  2. Surely this is some kind of bikini where the bottoms are designed to just look like shorts? There appears to be a crease in the shorts between her right thigh and her….ahem…lady area, indicating that she was actually wearing them.

  3. The only thing awkward about this shot is the pose. Yes, the shot is not amazing but it’s not horrific. Just awkward. As for the shorts, I’ve seen plenty just like it. And it’s weird but I’d swear I’ve seen this shot before. Finally, not a fan of the backdrop.

  4. It looks like underwear with a print made to look like shorts. I’ve seen them for sell online. The main crime here is the background

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