Fake Eyes

Oh, what pretty lifeless eyes!

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  1. Matthijs

    This looks like something you could find in chucky. Ew.

  2. I hope whoever is behind all of that digital fakeness doesn’t have to live with eyes like that 🙁

  3. That which has been seen, can never be unseen. I <3 the fact that they went entirely too far in editing a CHILD'S SKIN, but couldn't be bothered to remove the ridiculous shadow under her chin. For sobbing out loud anyhow.

    • Or to give her the rest of her teeth. Unless she’s from Kentucky, then it;s ok. C:

  4. It’s OK, she’s not real – it’s a butter sculpture with glass beads. Fools people all the time… mmm… butter

  5. ithurtshwhenipee

    I don’t know what is more disturbing. That fact that this photograph exists or the fact that there are 3 people that like it.

  6. not only are they fake… did they Cross them also?

  7. Looks like a portfolio shot for Toddlers & Tiaras, a.k.a. the downfall of western civilization.

  8. Bernard Rentajag


    KILL IT!!!


  9. Creepy and weird as it is, this is the norm for glitz pageant photos. Just Google “glitz headshots” and there are tons of these so-fake-they-look-like-dolls pictures of little girls. Pageant parents pay out the nose for these photos and the crazy editing, too. Does not compute.

    • I just did what you said–googled glitz headshots. Holy cow. Holy freaking cow. I’m going to have nightmares.

    • Some of those look lifeless and brain washed! Lol, blank stares scary!

    • Does not compute, indeed. Then again, neither does the concept of beauty pageants for toddlers…

  10. Hanimex Omelette

    I would have gone with Googly eyes, personally.

  11. Looks like a pretty sloppy cut and paste job as well. The outline is really messy (eg. right cheek, hair, ear etc.)

    I get that this kind of photography is the norm for pageant photos, but it’s nonetheless disturbing. I won’t get on a soapbox to bitch about how it gives the wrong impressions to girls about a certain standard of beauty, but there’s just something downright creepy when a child is airbrushed to hell. I see many talented photogs take great photos of children and preserve their realistic charm. Why some have to edit these children like such dolls is beyond me. This girl would be just as adorable without the fake lashes, lipstick, make-up and coy pose.

  12. Yani Dueri

    Is that the Joker’s grandchild?

  13. I feel sorry for that poor kid…. wtf!

  14. Retouched to death literally – as you said lifeless. Very heavy editing has ruined what could have been a good photo.

  15. skynigurl

    Honey boo boo?

  16. You would be dead on the inside too if you had photographs like this in circulation!

  17. I sent you the link of a Fauxtographer worse than this… How could you not use it and warn others?? Don’t make me send you the link to those pics again… I can only take so much…

  18. TollToll

    toddlers and tiaras… moving on… post the spot coloring and hanging babies from high places, we want shock, not the norm!

  19. Kill it with fire!

  20. horrible, and yet… can’t… look… away… from… soul-stealing… eyes… AAAHHHH!!! I am now without a soul.

  21. pageantmom

    it would be very nice of you to take an innocent childs picture OFF this site to keep from being bashed! there is nothing wrong with this photo.. thanks..

  22. fellowPAGEANTmom

    The nerve of you people to bash a retouched photo of an innocent BABY. YOU ALL ARE LETTING A STUPID TLC SHOW CHANGE THE NAME AND PURPOSE OF pagentry. Have u know that usher oprah ciara justin beiber justin timberlake halle berry niki minaj (ok bad example) brad pitt and soo many more of your favorite famous ppl came out of pageants!
    This is truly unacceptable and legal action will be taken for this post. And this site is now being exposed all over fb twitter and instagram. I pray God forgives u for the evil you all have spoken against this BEAUTIFUL BABY

    • Pageants including babies and young children are for the parents. The kids don’t know any better. It’s sad that they are being forced/coerced into it. If the child is not old enough to be outside playing by themselves, they sure aren’t old enough to decide to be in a “show.”

  23. Hey, whether you think this is extreme, remember this is a little girl……. You can bash pagents without personal attacks on a child!

  24. This is a horrible depiction of a beautiful girl. Just because the mom doesn’t want to pay for quality photos by a professional photographer (not just someone who calls themselves a pro, but a real pro), does not mean they are bashing the little girl. I feel bad to that girl. She doesn’t know what she is being forced into yet. She’s too young to understand it. The photographer went way too far for a glamour picture for a little girl.

  25. Stop bashing the baby, if you don’t like the picture that is one think but PERSONALLY attacking the baby is a bunch of bull. Grow up! This website is a JOKE….

    • This website is not a joke, but it does point out “photographers” who are a joke.

  26. pageantmom

    this is MY daughter!! she LOVES dressing up and getting on stage, so before you know a child personally please dont jump to conclusions! we do NOT spray tan nor do we add anything fake except hair and she loves it! so please REMOVE my daughters picture.. and FYI this picture scored HIGH at a NATIONAL pageant..

  27. Dear Pageantmom…

    Your daughter is not being bashed, the horrible photo editing…IS.

    If you want professional photos of your daughter, seek out a Professional Photographer.

    Please compare your daughters natural eyelashes, to the eyelashes in this over edited photo. Do you see a difference? Once you compare her lashes, move on to her eyes….now do you see the issue at hand?

    I’m sure your daughter is beautiful! Please reconsider your photographer in the future.

  28. pageantmom

    nothing wrong with this picture.. remove it!

  29. photopro

    As a fellow professional photographer – I am sure this photograph is copyright protected and unless permission has been given by the photographer – this is a violation! Also, how dare all of you judge a photographer by one photograph!!!! This photo is an example of a glitz photo used for pageants – look up glitz photos and you will see this photo follows the “glitz” standards. Please stop bashing this child and photograph! You think you can do better – prove it!

  30. I looked at the fauxtogropher’s page and this is the best she can do. This photo is not professional in any means. A real professional would never do this to a beautiful, innocent child.

    • pageantmom

      look at ALL pageant photographers, this is what they do! Back off my kid and photographer! this is a copyright protected picture and needs to be removed. you did not have permission to take MY daughters picture REMOVE IT

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