Fairy Beautiful

Wow! You girls are fairy beautiful!

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  1. It’s probably too early in the morning, but I kind of like it! If executed better (not cutting off feet and hands – the cropping really lets it down!), this has the potential to be in the “cheesy but kind of cool” category.

    On the other hand, I must just be a bit loopy….lol.

    • Really!? Yes, i think you should go back to bed…

    • clickthecamera

      I agree…but not as something just from a shoot. something as a promo or for graphics practice.

    • No, it’s an abomination. Period.

    • If you like that fauxto, your work should be on here too!

      • Clickthecamera – yes, promo is the word I wanted! I like idea of it in that way, as opposed to “look what I can do with photoshop”.

        Peter – Yes, because I have an opinion that is different to yours, my work must therefore completely suck, as opposed to your work which is of a genius that is second to none 😛

    • It reminds me of a cover for one of those those tacky pre-teen novels that used to be popular in the early 90s.

    • I actually looked at this and went, “Wow, this person did a pretty decent photoshop job.” The cutouts of the people look really good for the most part. I also think its kinda a cheesy idea, but definitely not terrible.

  2. It really is not the worst I have seen here.

  3. It’s actually quite cool.

  4. I kind of like it too. As a study in portraiture it’s not very good, and the cropping could have been better, but the colours are appealing, it has relatively good balance, and I’m pretty sure it conveys the intended mood quite well.

  5. fairy horrible

  6. A photographer

    Put me in the group that says it’s really not that bad, although the missing hands (on all of them) does break the “no amputations” rule of photography. The individual photos look pretty good from what I can tell.

  7. The girl in red is also posed badly for her shape.

    • A photographer

      Yes, you’ll want to put her lower body farther from the camera and raise the camera level so the dress doesn’t exaggerate her size.

  8. I don’t see a watermark or anything to indicate this is in a port.

    Could be fun. It’s a silly idea with a mediocre execution. Crappy crops with flat lighting, but far from horrible.

  9. This one isn’t too bad. The only issue I have is the cropping. Although it is more on the graphic side than the photography side.

  10. I agree with most of the posters here that it’s not such a bad idea – just poorly executed. The cropping and posing could be better. The thing that bothers me the most is that the exposure on the wings is very different from the exposure on the girls

  11. Wow. I must have stumbled into an alternate reality. I think the whole thing is crap. Exposure is terrible on everyone, cropping and posing are all horrible, it’s all wrong.

    • But…but…shiny things are so pretty.

      I suppose it’s ok to look at from a purely eye-catching perspective, but as a photography/art piece it’s pretty lousy and looks like something a beginner-photoshopper would create.

  12. Hanimex Omelette

    They serve Ergot Beer at the singles bar now?

  13. AbsyntheGreene

    I kind of like this as a general idea, not as something that you would ever use to advertise yourself as a photographer though. If these four ladies are best friends or sisters or something, I can see them getting a funny fairy wing picture, the way some people get portraits taken where everybody is dressed as pirates or cowboys. The picture itself is terrible, especially with all the amputated limbs and the size problems, but the basic idea is okay. Still, not really something a professional should be advertising.

  14. This was probably more of something done for a promo or graphics project. The original photos look like they started out ok, but it looks like the exposure was messed with later when the fairy wings graphics were added, and yeah, the cropping of limbs is awkward. The girl in the red dress does not fit the theme well, the others are all dressed in trendy clothes and she seems like the odd one out. It would work much better with just the three. Their photoshop job wasn’t half-bad either, it wasn’t put together sloppily. Like many have said, looks like a graphic art project and not really focused on the photography itself.

  15. OK, I think I need to bring it to the attention of others that the one in the black top is about a quarter inch away from revealing her lady parts. Her bottom biscuit is being proudly displayed from under her skirt. This alone (as if there aren’t plenty other reasons) qualifies this photo for fauxtog status.

    • You’re looking at the lining of her skirt.

      • John is Awake

        Ohhhhh… it’s the lining of her skirt!
        Okay. I was thinking what Gerbles was thinking, plus I was thinking that “biscuit” was significantly lop-sided.

  16. Saphron

    I like it, and I’m not afraid to say it. It makes me think of the Disney channel.

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