Fade To Flower

It’s hard to imagine anyone looking at this and thinking, “that’s just how I wanted it to turn out!”

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  1. Faith S.


  2. what is it.

  3. LisaS

    Poor thing is a multiple amputee

  4. that’s terrible……muriel….clashy, trashy, brashy…..girl looks to be wearing a sports uniform….so why the garish flower-ish thang?..and the awful red aura and, and….it’s a very sickly looking photo.

    • Henny

      she got a flower tattoo as far as i can make out. my guess, that’s why they chopped of her leg and transplanted a flower…

      • Henny

        looks like the tattoo is a lilly. why they transplanted an orchid i am not sure. guess this should be admitted to youarenotabotanist.com

      • Henny


        too early for correct english

  5. Sarah Knoke

    She birthed fully dressed in a soccer uniform from a flower?

  6. Red clothes on a pink background? And why the flower? Shouldn’t it be a more sports theme? I find I’m looking at the flower more than the girl, who was supposed to be the main focus of the photo. I hope she didn’t pay for this….

  7. ThreeEPhotography

    They cut her leg off, for the love of God, they cut her leg off! Someone call 911!

  8. Is that one of those flesh eating flowers? What an awful, awful piece of … I don’t even have words for whatever this is.

  9. That must be one of those carnivore flowers.

  10. It looks like she’s just been birthed from sort of psychadelic, technicolor vagina


  12. For some groups, “dressing up” means wearing a sports jersey. Add the massive fail of giant flowers on top of that, and you get this……

    Ugh. Just ugh.

    • roger

      “for some groups”..? Care to clarify? The blacks?
      What an incredibly racist statement

      • Urban youths of all colors think this is “dressing up”. You are the racist one if you immediately thought “black people” when reading that.

        And the statement is true. I suggest you go to any job fair type event in a large city. You’ll see tons of brand new pressed jerseys and new Nike shoes.

      • FalconGTHO

        If its accruate its merely “reporting the facts”. Stop being hypersensitive or an apologist.

    • I don’t think the issue here is that she is wearing a sports uniform. The issue is that the tog, instead of seeing the sports uniform and making the photo a little bit edgy and athletic, made her glow red & her leg fade into an a flower. As a photographer you should be quick thinking and able to work with whatever situation or outfit the client presents you and make it work. When I see this girl I see sooo many possibilities of what could have been had she shot with a real photographer.

  13. Zombie Apocalypse flower.

  14. Pelham

    What?! What?! What?! Now that I’ve seen this, never again will my mind be boggled. This…image….transcends even that.

  15. Kill me now.

  16. Rhinda

    Looks like Audrey II is eating her

  17. no one special

    I got it! This is one of those remembrance photos. I’ve seen these where they make that ghostly image of a departed loved one right next to a tattoo of them. Obviously the tattoo on her leg is the same flower in the picture, but the tattooist did a really bad job, and the fauxtog is doing his best to cover his fellow artisan’s mistake.

    • Henny

      no, the leg tattoo is a lilly, the background an orchid. sorry to burst your bubble.

      • no one special

        My bad. I forgot sarcasm on the internet is like winking on the phone.

  18. Siobhan

    Pass the eye bleach.

  19. BurninBiomass

    Looks like this girl is getting maimed in a terrible explosion at a FTD warehouse.

  20. meggy

    Taken at the moment she is being devoured by a giant flower? OR is she metamorphosing into a plant?

  21. don’t think I have ever seen one look this bad

  22. Chris

    LSD. Great shit!!!

  23. Kelli

    Looks to me like someone was dropping acid while editing their pictures! This must have happened on a bad trip!

  24. What is it about fauxtogs forgetting to keep things simple? Why must they throw whatever they can into a composition in the hope that it will work?

  25. FalconGTHO

    Well, you all should know my take on something like this by now. Wtf? That chick is young, to me, clearly high school age at the max. And shes ALREADY got the freakin “East LA Canal Wall” graffiti tat? Ridiculous. Wurd up, yo.

  26. What actually worries me is that the faux thought it *needed* flowers so it’d be more “girly” and not so “tomboyish.” That worries me. Assuming that wasn’t the case here, then the faux is clearly just on some really bad acid.

  27. Gal with a Camera

    Just… NOOOOOO! I don’t understand this at ALL. Why do flowers go with soccer?? And why did they make her fade in? And why…?

    Oy, i can’t think anymore. I’ll be in the kitchen with an ice pack on my head…

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