Eye Spy More Bad Spot Coloring

Did you apply your spot color while on the back of a motorcycle? It’s a little messy, you may want to hit the ladies room to touch it up.

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    I see dead people

  2. Marvelous work.. This will look great in a Craigslist personal ad.

  3. I need to wash my eyes out now. eww

  4. Good grief! They keep getting worse.

  5. sharon g

    oh my…

  6. Kill it with fire

  7. NicCole

    Anyone else think of clown porn?

    • Yup. Me too.

    • Michelle

      As in it looks like she was blowing a clown?

    • Puppers1

      The girl in this picture is only 15. You guys don’t have to be so nasty with it.

      • Derpface

        We all know it’s not the girl’s fault – unless it was a self shot. In either case, whoever posted this is Not A Photographer. If she’s 15 and took this herself, there is probably hope for her to learn though.

      • Derpface

        I know her somewhat and she had this one done. The woman who this photo is not a good photographer! I just didn’t like the fact that they were talking about her giving “blow jobs” when she is only 15.

      • NicCole

        Then the photographer shouldn’t have done that to her.

  8. Hobbyist

    Good have been a decent pic if they would have just left the spot coloring at the eyes and didnt have flash burn. Too bad. :/

    • I dont think so… haha the pose and the angle are just so unsettling… like she is leaning into something. and she looks sad :/

      • The pose could work fine in a nice image. It definitely brings the focus on the eyes, which is why there’s no need for the SUPER DRAMATIC spot coloring. I agree with Hobbyist that that and the flash burn are the worst parts.

  9. Let’s put a smile on that face!!

  10. Bam! Those lips just gave me a black eye…

  11. thanks DISGUSTING

  12. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Why so sad, boo?

  13. My eyes are bleeding……

  14. Ok – tried the spot color and it looks like blech…. I think I’ll post it to the world on my FB page… NOT.

    I’d like to meet (in person) anyone who thinks this looks good…

    At best – looks like something a teenager would take with a smart phone and upload on instagram. Not something a pro would show off as their best work.

  15. wow

  16. Is spot coloring EVER a good idea? Seriously, I wanna know. I have a friend who LOVES to spot color photos, but I have never seen one where it was done to a degree that I even remotely liked it.

    • I like spot color sometimes (this is not one of those times). I think it needs to be used in a subtle fashion and have a reason, but if done well I think it can be a nice effect.

      There are some who think it’s universally awful, but to each his or her own!

  17. Wsroadrunner

    Looks kinda like Corey Feldman that way….

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