Eye For Fauxtography


Yep, she definitely has an eye for fauxtography!

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  1. Ah, the out of focus look… If only I could be so artistic.

  2. Focus, people, focus!

  3. Kristian

    How the Hell do you not get the eye in focus when it’s the only thing in your frame? Maybe she meant to say she’s using Urban Decay’s 15 year-old camera.

  4. Jdharris

    My guess either she/he is just really bad at focusing or this is a crop from
    A image taken much further away. Either way, out of focus.

  5. BurninBiomass

    The only existing image of the Eye of Sauron cross-dressing, and the photographer gets the focus wrong.

  6. OBVIOUSLY she had the camera turned round the wrong way. I bet she has a bruise on her forehead from the popup flash too.

  7. I’m not sure this is by a fauxtogapher.. I don’t see a watermark, but also, it is the sort of photo I also take when I tried a new make up and want to show it to my friend. It’s hard to focus on yourself with the camera turned towards you, so you can’t see what you’re shooting.

    • Oops, I only now see the Facebook-thing on the side of the photo. I take everything back!

      • SurfinKart

        Not a fauxtography shot. While posted on a photographers page, it’s not being posted as a professional picture. It’s being posted to show off some new make-up style. It isn’t a portfolio picture or a work for hire. It’s a self shot, likely with a camera phone.

  8. Upon looking at her fb though (I’m a nosy cow) – definitely a fautog! Although not operating anymore it looks like – phew!

  9. Would be a cute look…if I could see through all that blurriness. Something like this should be posted on their personal facebook, NOT their photography page. Ugh.

  10. Out of fauxcos can have some artistic effects …
    Sadly the difficulty lies in getting it when you want it and avoiding it when you don’t! 🙂
    I think I am going to put Fuaxtographer on my business card.

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