Evil Spirit


Occasionally you capture more in a photo than you intend to! Look at the evil spirit this fauxtog managed to photograph!

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  1. jussharp

    The fauxtog’s check list:
    1. Cute girl
    2. Nice setting
    3. Harsh light
    4. Awkward and unflattering pose
    6. Poor composition
    7. Unnecessary photoshop edit.
    (I guess they do get credit for not using selective color or a white vignette)

  2. apart from the glowing eyes, it looks like quite an affectionate and cuddly spirit to me.
    What was the point?

    • I can think of no rational explanation for this shot, and her pose suggests the concept was thought up post-shoot.

  3. This is a good educational photo demonstrating that harsh lighting causes evil shadows. So, fauxs, don’t light the ladies like this (usually) or you will get nasty shadows. Sadly, I don’t think this was created to educate people on the downside of unflattering shadows.

  4. A clever idea. I don’t see a watermark. Is this really a photograph that a pro was passing off or is it just someone’s experiment.

    • A pro passing off?? what?
      The lighting is harsh, it’s so symmetrical it makes me want to die, needs a little arbitrary rotation to make it level. If there is a pro out there that did this I am guessing that is a good idea not to put a watermark because it’s kind of balls.

  5. It looks like a high schooler’s assignment to demonstrate depression, or possibly Bob was correct and it’s showing how harsh lighting casts evil shadows. I’d say it was an assignment of some sort though.

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