Every Bad Image In One


What we think they’re trying to say with this image is the following :

She likes the taste of music.

Her cat is her guardian angel/fairy godmother.

She likes to hang out in graveyards.

She likes blurry clothing.

She wishes one of her legs had it’s own set of wings.


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  1. Throw enough spaghetti at the wall…

  2. Also, the stars are fish, she’s soothed by the sound of dragonflies and crows speak to her. Egad. And I’ve probably missed a few other things. Yikes.
    I’m also uncomfortable with the proximity of her derriere to the platter that is being licked. Not trying to be gross, just saying it’s unappealing. As if the rest of the “pic” is appealing. Hah.

  3. I think the cat posed this one.

  4. I don’t feel safe on the internet

  5. Someone got Photoshop for Christmas!

  6. Her eyes are holes right through her head. Look at the moonlight shining through…
    I am in awe and now realise just how much I need to up my game with compositing.

  7. Timinator

    This has to be one of the worse pictures I’ve ever seen….one of them

  8. theCharlieScott

    I love it. I’d hit it.

  9. This is what happen the first day using GIMP after decades of Photoshop ….

  10. I cant stop looking at the long talons on her left foot. 🤢

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