Elbows Are For Suckers

She’s too hardcore for her own elbow.

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  1. I don’t think that’s her… See the caption?

  2. Broken Focus

    “Hai guys! So like, I just pirated a copy of Adabe Photoshop and I need practice! So like, can someone plzzzz send me ur pix so I can make them beautiful!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!”

    That’s what I hear in the back of my head when I see this picture.

  3. FentonDude

    It looks like she’s not real fond of her left breast, either!

  4. If you look at the horrid crop, she appears to be missing a breast as well.

  5. The caption says NOT ME.

    It is questionable – Did this person take the image, or were they posting it to poke fun of the photographer who did?

  6. OK, she can color her hair blue, draw outlines around my lips and put hair in my mouth. What other tricks does she know?
    Honestly, I don’t get this. What is it all about?

  7. this is a self portrait of an idiot… not photography.

  8. BurninBiomass

    Not only was the elbow removed, she also got a partial mastectomy.

  9. Artie Fufkin

    pity they stopped at the elbow

  10. Was this actually on a portfolio?! It’s a duck face cellphone pic.

    That’s some mighty bad editing…

  11. Fail – but it is not that person’s photo.

  12. You’re photography is bad and you should feel bad!

  13. Gal with a Camera

    WHY is it that all of these fauxtographer’s “models” always have vey badly applied makeup??! It’s like they think, “oh I’m gonna get a really cheap and crappy photographer AND makeup artist!”
    Lol, I mean really? It looks like she put eyeliner around her lips.

    Aside from that… yes, it’s a very bad photo. Very bad. There is nothing good about it… the pose, lighting the crop… everything is bad. End of story.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      I can’t tell if it’s lip/eye liner that’s actually on her face or edited in later. Either way it looks really quite dumb and sort of like a shitty goatee.

  14. This looks more like someone’s self-portrait for a new profile pic to me (and very badly done, of course) – I think the “not me” really suggests that the photographer was possibly picking out “things you do NOT want to use as your profile picture” or some such in hopes of drumming up business. What does her other work look like?

  15. The fauxtographer couldn’t ask to take hair out of her mouth?

  16. Do they really say that? Is that like photo 101, no railroad tracks?

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