Dragon Slayer

green armor

They even do Bodoire!

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  1. Ok, so, this is what ? … Fine art ?
    Glamour ?

    Come on ! Let’s find something to define this …

    • cameraclicker

      CosPlay comes to mind. I think I would choose “Theme”, or “Akt – Theme” if choosing from the menu provided.
      The tradition seems to be painting out the watermark, but that is a disservice to the visitors here and to the “artist”. Frequently, it prevents the visitor from doing further research to determine if the amusing photo presented is fairly portraying the general level of quality or if it was “cherry picked” from an otherwise good portfolio.
      Googling “Akt” took me to Dutch and German sites filled with nudes, which leaves me wondering if the spelling of boudoir has something to do with English as a second language, and French an omitted language. Or, in the spirit of the Shakespearean era, spelling is being done as the word sounded to the author, in the moment. I also wonder if a bikini bottom was painted on to protect the delicate sensibilities of the visitor.

    • Is it… Spinal Tap?

  2. I believe Bodoire is French for “badly underexposed photo.”

  3. The way I see it, they actually made a commendable effort at making every aspect of the photo look straight out of the uncanny valley. I’m so impressed I’m not even mad.

  4. Those aren’t jet contrails in the sky, they’re *dragon* contrails.

  5. bananaslugs

    It looks like cosplay. Way to show your ignorance and snobbery. Cosplay isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (I don’t care for it either), but you shouldn’t automatically designate a photo as fauxtography just because you don’t like the style. I found the guy’s portfolio on a German networking website and it isn’t bad. He has a few stinkers but he also has some interesting photos that I like. He doesn’t belong on this site.

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