Double Horse

double horse

Poor girl couldn’t get anyone else to be in the photo with her, so the fauxtog just put her in there twice!

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  1. Poor girl? Poor horse! The poor thing’s been stabbed in the eye and needs help! Now, I don’t know if the lady actually wanted this implement in the photo but when, oh when, will these fauxs learn to look before they press the shutter button? There was probably acres of open land on which to take this shot (poorly at that) without poor “Trigger” getting stabbed. Oh no, he/she thought to him/her self, this is the perfect spot cause I’ve got my horse blinders on and can only see the subject.

  2. I like when the subject can’t help but squint and you can’t see their face. Has the fauxtog ever seen a lighting tutorial?

  3. Not a bad attempt. Remove the second image, move to a better lighting source and block or move away from the plow.

  4. Thomas

    I like how the second horse does not cast a shadow. I *wonder* if this was faked. 🙂

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