These are your baby pictures. These are your baby pictures on crack. Seriously, how much dope would you have to smoke to come up with something like this.

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  1. how is this a “professional” photo? did someone PAY for this!?

  2. How much dope would you have to smoke to actually put your logo on this?

  3. ehsteeeve

    Obviously a Point and Shoot Fauxtog at work….

  4. camera phone fauxtog?

  5. I think the applique on the shirt is actually in focus. I don’t have my glasses on, though.

  6. I take better photos with my phone when I’m drunk…

  7. This person has money too. Those Zutano pants run cost about $30.

  8. Come on guys, that’s “Gaussian Blur”

  9. This is your profauxtog using Auto mode in low light.

    Everything but the moving bits of the baby are acceptable sharp.

  10. But its so artistic! I love how the photographer really captures the child’s personality. (ok yea that was a bunch of BS. This photo sucks.)

  11. michelle

    I took a photography class for $250. I’ve learned more from the snark on this site than in the class. Although from taking the class, I’ve learned a lot of what not to do and why some photos end up here.

  12. I have several hundred of images like this- I took them in a semi lit room with auto aperture and flash while my baby her cute baby routine- none of these photos have made it out the hard drive – they CREEP ME OUT! Zombie baby anyone?

  13. Stop hating. I think it’s pretty good considering I took it with my phone.

  14. art_student13

    This makes me think of all my walmart customers who tell me that their Iphone can a picture just as good as a Canon Rebel or of one of the Nikon D-series.

    I so badly want to lol in their faces.

    I know it’s the photographer that does most of the work, but dammit at least invest in something DECENT

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