Don’t Shoot

We’d have liked to see this as a “No More Selective Coloring” protest poster! Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Oh and Fauxtog, you missed a hand.

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  1. what happened to his skin tone?!

    btw. he should have colored the pants in pink or something. to make them stand out more. now they just blend in with the background.

    oh well, it hurts my eyes.

  2. NicCole

    Way too phallic. And it’s a shame, looks like it was a nice day out. Should have left the coloring in.

  3. OMG….this is the funniest! There is just so much wrong I don’t know where to start! And the pose is so gross! Seriously…..thanks for the laugh today. I almost peed my pants.

  4. Jessica

    Aside from the obvious things seriously wrong with this picture, a pet peeve of mine is when someone crops an image so only a very teeny part of something is cut off. Just another thing to add to the list of things that irritate the crap out of me in this picture

  5. Short-Round meets Oomph Loompa! Hahahahahaha….. love it!

  6. Scary!!!

  7. I like how one hand was left grey…

  8. That’s a wax figure, right? Or did he just go nuts on the bronzing cream?

  9. At least they managed to leave color on the “human”. Most Faux would have left color on the grass or the hedge…


    • That’s right, appart from that his left hand is not colored.

      This pose would be good as innocent label for pornographic book/video etc.

  10. Gay? No we dont think you are gay after looking at that picture at all.

  11. He escaed from willy wonkers choc factory!

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