Don’t Let It Out!

Aw, look at that little bundle of terror. Are those claws?

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  1. Haven’t people learned to stay clear of LV-426?

  2. The baby is upside down and facing the wrong way.

    • Not necessarily…. I came out backside first…..

      • Me, too. Well, I would have been then I decided to be all stuck up and my mother had to have a c-section. Still, most kids aren’t situated as the one in the, uh… well, whatever this is.

  3. whats with her pants ? are they mens ? down right creept

    • I think they’re PJ pants. Couldn’t even get the girl to get dressed for the picture apparently.

    • Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

      I want them to be ZEBUs. Please let them be ZEBUs.

  4. Ugggghhh. Stop! This should start being illegal…

  5. How long before gnaws its way out of there?

  6. It feels… so disturbing

  7. Clearly the fauxtographer has no idea of anatomy….it needs to be positioned much higher up in order to burst through the ribcage!

  8. aliens…..

  9. Hanimex Omelette

    “Gnarly tattoo, Lady.”

  10. It’s a puppy!!!!

  11. It’s actually a t-Rex and those arms are not getting any longer – ever!

  12. yep….it’s a boy.

  13. BurninBiomass

    What has it gots in its Uteruses? *gollum gollum*

  14. the texture of the scan looks like fake fur! and love love love that star border technique…how can I get that professional look? :p
    there’s just so much happening in this image – and it’s all just so wrong!

  15. That thing doesn’t need to be given birth to. It needs to be exorcized.

  16. Have any of you actually looked at an ultrasound before? They aren’t exactly the sharpest images in the world to begin with, then you scan it, and PS the hell out of it – you end up with some thing that looks like this… No photographer should ever agree to do this for a client. If the client demands it and pays for it – do it, but for God’s sake don’t put it on your page as an example of your work.

  17. Says right there…it’s a Booy. Whatever the heck that is…

  18. Artie Fufkin

    Fauxtog Gangnam style.

  19. The two words that come to mind upon seeing it are “hot mess.” And I stand by it after further consideration, too. So many parts of it suck, and then it’s combined into a sort of…ultrasuck. Nice.

  20. Looks like a puppy to me too 🙂

  21. ColtsFan1912

    cause this is thriller

  22. Oh, the blocks say “boy”. So, now we know the gender…. the species is still a mystery.

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