Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, those aren’t the glowing eyes of a demon emerging from what appears to be a church, it’s just the reflection of the flash off this poor lady’s glasses. Could the fauxtog have captured her in a more unflattering way? We think not.

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  1. jessica

    Look at the comments on the page! Even the guys friends are.bashing.him!

    • My favorite: Did you take that with a call phone?! (in french of course) lol

  2. Ha ha! Apparently the people posting on the image think the same thing! Bad bad bad…

  3. Looks like one of the commenters had it right, “horrible, horrible, horrible!!!”

  4. ithurtswhenipee

    How did he miss with his pop-up flash?

  5. Meowcate

    So, french bashing-comments :
    « GURL »
    « Rahhh Satan… »
    « Did you take that with your cellphone ? »
    « ROTFL, but WHY ? »
    « “The zombie is waking up” »
    « Horrible horrible horrible (I’m speaking about the photographer) »
    « She looks like a prostitute »
    « You’re really not a photographer ! what school did you do ? so I do not go XD »
    « Hooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyy what a beautiful door x’D »
    « Did you focus your attention on the door or the girl ? in both cases it’s not centered and nice for the reflection in the glasses »

  6. I thought it was a bloke. Poor woman, how unflattering can you get?

  7. Again – why would anyone post this as an example of their work?

  8. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside that for once people are actually honest in the comment section on fb.

  9. Maybe we should send all our fauxtographers to wherever this one lives…at least there they tell it like it is!

  10. i like where it says something about zombies lol

  11. A loss: I am at it. You know what I think is going on with all these shyte photos being posted in fauxtographers’ portfolios? It’s part of this whole current culture of oversharing. It’s the same with everyone tweeting every bathroom visit and every fry eaten. I mean, that stuff is asinine at best and damaging at worst, but some people apparently don’t know how to turn it off when it comes to their business. They should be saying to themselves, “Hey, this photo’s kind of shyte. I know I usually FB *every photo I ever take* because I don’t think a second of my life should go undocumented, but maybe just this once, I won’t, because it’s for my business and people might think I’m a shyte photographer and not hire me.”

  12. I cannot understand how the images mhad received 5 “likes” – methinks it is amongst the most unflattering I have seen

  13. I don’t want to troll or anything, but you should look the other so called “photos” of this guy… It’s “amazing” -.-

    And the worst of all, there are many people who say that his work is “amazing”, and “great”, and that he’s an “artist”…

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore -.-

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