Do you need a vediorgrapher?

So if I knew what the hell a vediographer did, I might be interested. All I can think of is velociraptor. I really hope the two aren’t related. Oh, and the picture samples aren’t good. Damn, I Forgot to randomly Capitalize words that Shouldn’t be.

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  1. Wow. Now I have seen everything.

  2. Sounds like the craigslist killer is looking for new victims. Seriously. Although I have to shamefully admit that I once didn’t see that I advertised myself as a “weeding photographer” in an ad.

  3. Wsroadrunner

    I am sure they will also do photogarhpy for you too. :-p

  4. meeshybee

    Wait… I’m confused. S/he’s looking for someone who “needs G-Rated Photography, or Vediorgraphy” but s/he says to apply by email with photos and qualifications?

    Y’know, I never do my Vediorgraphy for Just anyone. They have To have the Right Qualifications before I agree to it.

  5. John Key

    its funny how photographers think they can step into the shoes of a videographer like it aint no thang, even professional photographers suck at video. photographers are the fauxtogs of the video industry. “oh my camera has a video function, look how i make my photo’s move”.

    • My undergrad degree’s official title is “Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Digital Photography and Video.” First two years were photography. Second two years were video. There exists a subset of photographers who are trained in both. 😉

      Not to say that all of them are any good.

      My MFA is all photography though. I hate video.

  6. must be catching on – I found at least 2 other CL ads for a “vediographer” / “vediorgrapher”

  7. I bet they do protaits too.

  8. emelvee

    I like the picture of the girl laying on the bed with the lamp sticking out of her butt.

  9. I know a fauxtog that has an awful website, and on top of that her domain name is…
    www.(so and so)
    I mean really, you can’t even spell photography right in your domain name? WTH?

  10. I’m a professional “vediographer”, and admit I thought my eye for video would lend to good photos for about 1/2 a second – then I realized NOPE, my photos are best left in my own albums… and generally the same goes for the opposite. I’d expect this one show up at a wedding with flip- and handi-cams, trying to pass it off “because it’s HD”!

  11. PS – regarding the “vediographer” / “vediorgrapher” ads… I guess NOW i know why clients call to ask for video-ography services…aside from my website, they’ve never seen it spelled right before!

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