Dirty Floor Fauxtography

Even the cat would be disappointed in this photo…

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  1. When you want to immortalize your cat’s dust bunnies, not your cat!

  2. REALLY?!?! Someone thinks this is a good photo???? I mean REALLY?!? Some “photographer” out there thinks this is good enough to say “Look what kind of awesome photos I take! Hire me!” YIKES!!

    • Yeah Jen – it is. I’m betting it was taken as our fauxtog was picking up his camera after having just dropped it. Surprised to see it still functioned, our fauxtog immediately plastered this on FB, to show how rough and rugged was his/her 25.00 Vivitar vivicam . . . .

  3. The floor is actually clean, they’re just using a “Dust Bunny” effect in Photoshop. 😉

  4. It’s all in the angles. Angles make everything creative.

  5. Bernard Rentajag

    I used to take photo’s like this years ago. They were the ones at the beginning of a roll from when I was loading the film.

  6. Someone giving up faux wedding photography and moving into commercial work? It’s a piece for a flooring product, right? Nice white balance too.

  7. Name (required)

    It looks like they got the focus backward. A shot like this with the cat’s face in focus might look cool.

  8. At least it doesn’t have any “likes”. What in the world? Even on my worst day, I haven’t photographed something this crappy … much less posted it.

  9. I say it sure beats any photographer who considers them self a photographer simply because they know how to use photo shop. I’ve noticed there is a TON of arrogance in the photographer community.

  10. How do we know this isn’t an ‘art’ photograph? If it’s an art photograph saying something philosophical about humdrum domesticity then it could be genius. Yep, I’m guessing this is art photography.

  11. waaat?

  12. I’d like to know what thought process is going on when this image was selected / published. This looks like an accidential – opps – I pressed the wrong button shot.

    should have been deleted in camera.

  13. Hobbyist

    Stupid photographer forgot to edit out the cat and rug from their dirty floor shot that some customer is going want to always treasure. It’s the little things you have to remember people! Come on!

  14. Pelham

    Whaaaaat?!….at a loss for words for once…except finally, a YANAP pic that doesn’t have me reaching for the bucket of eye bleach.

  15. I kinda pictured in my head, the fauxtographer getting really excited with the cat, telling her, “Work it! Work it!”, as he’s tilting the camera and squatting down to get those amazing angles. Except the dust bunnies ended up dominating the shots with their dirty poses.

  16. Isabel

    Not the worst I’ve seen on here, but still pretty bad. At least clean the floor first fauxtogs!!!

  17. justme

    Well, as Missy MWAC would say “It’s real. If the dust bunnies weren’t there, it wouldn’t be their floor. God put the dust bunnies there.”

  18. Ha ha, I’ve got shots of my cats on a filthy carpet…heck, mine are a little more in focus. Goddangit, I need to start charging.

  19. Gelatin

    the hardwood floor was the focal point in this photo?

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