Dirty Balloon

dirty balloon

Okay Fauxtog, you obviously cannot take decent photographs but the least you could do is get the kid a clean balloon!

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  1. I dunno. It looks like the kid is going to put that dirty sucker out of it’s misery with a good stab. Sadly, he was a little too late and this wonderful example of candid photography lives on.

  2. Seeing the pen or whatever being held by the guy and the baby, I’m guessing the “dirty” stuff at the bottom of the balloon is glitter – perhaps for a gender reveal or something? That was my first thought. Could be grasping and it’s just a dirty ass balloon.

  3. Bad shot, but the balloon isn’t dirty- it’s probably filled with glitter or confetti for a gender reveal. Note the dad holding a pen to pop the balloon?

  4. No matter what it is, it is still a horrible photo. Too many things wrong to count. Most important, I would of never guessed what was going on if it wasn’t for the comments. Not a nice background, facing a parking lot with cars, people in the background..the list goes on…

  5. The funny thing is, this was shot at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. Dirty balloon and garbage photography at a landfill-turned-radioactive-park? It’s like the circle of horrible is complete, lol.

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