Diarrhea Wall


Hopefully he brought a change of clothes to this shoot!


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  1. OMG…what a shitty picture.

  2. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Umm, NO! Awful!

  3. BurninBiomass

    Is he leaning against a Carnival Cruise ship?

  4. Harry Wyckoff

    Fauxtog: Hey I know, I’ll make the focus of this image a tie, and some shit stains on the wall. It’s going to be brilliant!
    The World: Um… no.

  5. Among the long list of things that irritate me, one is looking at a pic and seeing some distracting piece of junk in it. Aside from the obvious in this one is the almost blown out vehicles on the right. If they are not part of the shot, crop them in camera or after or blow them out some more. At least the curiosity over those vehicles has distracted my attention from the rest of the pic.

  6. Derp blue

    The new dual color accent mode on the new canon elf is incredible

  7. ahahaahahaha.. hahahahahhh..ahahahah..
    that’s all I got. sorry.

    great title!

  8. Words cannot explain…

  9. The fauxtog must not trust his own image. It is perfectly fine without the selective coloring (aside from cropping out parking lot).

  10. Really not a bad picture of a photogenic individual. Why put all the other distractions in there that don’t add to the photo, and yet leave something in that could have easily taken out. I don’t get it?

    • GeekAndProud

      Not a bad picture? His lower half is sharp and his head is out of focus…

      • Well ok, by “really” I mean it isn’t incredibly horrible. If you had seen this in black and white, you might be able to overlook the focus, or the perfectly centered guy or the boring back ground or all the other things.
        The fact is, this is a nice looking subject and he seems very good to the camera.
        the crap that was added to distract from him is unmitigated crap.

  11. omg i know where that is. that is an amazing place to shoot and they ruined it! they made it look gross.

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