Deadly Butterflies

The butterflies circle their prey, preparing for the attack. The baby knows it.

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  1. What is on that butterfly??!

  2. Say whaaaaat I loves me some butterflies!!

  3. whoa!! I made a comment on this butter fly picture but I cant see that it registered!

  4. Art_Student13

    …the baby looks like it’s about to cry.

    …………now, I cull out the bad pictures and only edit the best ones. If this fauxtog does the same thing…Im afraid of what he or she took out

  5. Not to mention the oversized flower on her forehead. We get it, your baby is a girl. She’s wearing pink. Why not actually let us see her whole head?

  6. Am I the only one disturbed by the bad white balance?

  7. NicCole

    This photo makes me sad. The baby looks like it could have been cute, with her little fingers and nose. It’s tragic when bad pictures happen to good babies.

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Can’t sleep… butterflies will get me

  9. Rather then using the black out method to make your subject stand out try blurring the background (wide aperture) and focusing on the eyes. Knowing about the basics of photography before starting a photography business is key.

  10. Baby: “Dafuq is this?”

    I’m pretty sure one of the butterflies is throwing up.

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