Dead Center

Well at least you can’t miss them in the middle of the frame.

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  1. Why are they B&W???

    • The first thing I thought was “Why are they B&W?” and then I scroll down and someone with my name, even my spelling had already asked the question. Talk about deja vu!!!

  2. So now we went from selective color… to selective uncolor?

  3. cwcushman

    A little obsessed with the rule of thirds? If you lost the black and white and the replaced the photoshop blur with true DoF control the picture wouldn’t be too bad. A tighter crop would help, but the basic idea is still sound.

  4. lose the vignetting and do a tighter crop – plus the spot color… idea is okay – execution isn’t the best. I’ve seen far worse on here.

  5. Vampires.

  6. At least there is room for cropping, right?

  7. This photo makes me feel like a voyeur….sort of like I’m in the bushes stalking these people. Maybe it’s the “not so selective color” that makes me feel like a creep.

  8. this is terrible why do color selection and why did they shoot from so far away with all the leaves in the way causing a huge distraction??? center of the picture is just wrong! the whole picture is just wrong! the details you want to see cannot be seen, whereas the ones you do not want to see, you can see very clearly…. demand a refund!!

  9. weatherlover1

    The idea is not bad but using black and white on the subjects make them look like aliens.

  10. Anonymous

    it’s making my eyes cross to look at it.. :/

  11. It’s hallowe’en and they’re zombies.

  12. If the couple had been in color (or the whole thing in B/W) AND if they had used the right f-stop to get the blur they wanted with the vignette, it would have been better. I might crop some out of the bottom so they aren’t square in the center and I agree with one who felt the near-ground vegetation was a bit distracting.
    Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  13. Do you have permission from the photographer to use the image here? Bad or not the owner of the image has rights. Maybe we should start a site for other sites that steal images for the purpose of trashing them. If the photographer submits the image fine otherwise lets see your work and tell us who you are so we can all judge you.

    • If you post on a public forum, you face the consequences of positive or negative feedback. Now get that stick out of your ass, please.

    • Susan Hoffman

      Copyright law allows use of copyrighted material in limited circumstances under the “fair use” doctrine. See Fair use can include “criticism, comment, … teaching …” and also considers whether the use of the work is for commercial purposes: when used for noncommercial purposes, as here, an argument can be made that copyright law does not prevent using photos in this fashion.

    • Jim, I applaud your willingness and bravery to cover a zombie wedding. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of photographing a zombie wedding, but you sir are breaking the mold.

  14. you know, that could have been a totally fine photo, until…. wtf

  15. Andreas Steen

    Idunno, one of the first things we learned, beyond technique, when I was taught how to use that fancy camera thingie, was that if something was in the frame, it should be there because you chose to have it there, not because it “was just there”. And I think that is a pretty good basic place to start. And I sort of want to ask myself “Why is around 90% of the image blurred foreground leaves? why is it composed to make me feel like a voyeur? if it is a centered composition why is it still made so that the big trunk on the right makes it tilt to the right weight wise? and why FOR THE LOVE OF [APPROPRIATE DIETY OR LACK THEREOF] is there spot-uncoloring? I can’t for the life of me answer any of these questions in any satisfactory way, which leads me to conclude that it is a pretty shitty image.

    I too create shitty images, but mostly when I loose control over the situation, at events etc. This specific image, I assume the photographer had a decent amount of control over, so this is terribad, just plain terribad.

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