Daily Rewind: Work It

Can you imagine them putting this in their portfolio?

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  1. ‘I’ll just crop it later!’

  2. Maybe they were trying to save studio time and figured they would crop and post process at the end of the day?? Or they could be blind and shooting by smell who knows….

  3. Well….at least the lighting isn’t half too bad.

    • ithurtswhenipee

      Looks like a speedlight pointed at the ceiling. Even the 17 year old making $9 an hour at Target is using and umbrella and at least 1 rim light.

  4. I can’t imagine either of them HAVING a portfolio.. they are obviously as professional as the ‘tog

  5. Anonymous

    if they had a black flooring..i could see it being fixed with photoshop…but instead,they were stupid..

  6. To be fair it does look a bit like someone (not the photog) just snapped a pic while they were watching a shoot. Now, if it was actually the photog that took it then…well…shame on him/her. Very bad “professional” picture.

  7. As a studio photographer I am ashamed. Is that a blanket on the floor?

  8. Kristina

    Did they Mean for their backdrop to be THAT wrinkled? Even the “floor” is wrinkled!

  9. Fluffykins

    Why wouldn’t you use the wallpaper as a backdrop. It’s beautiful.

  10. Anonymous

    @ Fluffykins- My thoughts exactly!!!

  11. I thought that the purpose of a backdrop was to not use the actual background in the setting of the photo . . . ? Clearly, as demonstrated by this highly polished pro, I am mistaken . . .

  12. I’d crop out the middle, incinerate it and keep the outer edge

  13. Andrew Mills

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a moment – what if this is a “behind the scenes” type snapshot?

  14. No, no, no. It’s a poetic piece contrasting suburbia design to uptown attitude.

  15. cwcushman

    I agree, this is clearly a behind the scenes picture showing the set-up of the studio. The wrinkles wouldn’t matter depending on how the backdrop is lit and how the photographer is controlling the DoF. Is it a professional studio? No. But not everyone can afford that.

    • clearly this wasn’t intended to be in anyone’s portfolio – as for the lighting – I’ve seen (and taken) some great photos with a single strobe bounced, but that’s beside the point – my guess is that this was supposed to be a “behind the scenes” look at a shoot. show them the backdrop and that unless you’re shooting full length who cares about the floor…

  16. Anonymous

    That thing on the ground looks like what you put down so your dog has a place to pee.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    They look like they’re ready to star in Robert Hoffmans “You Are Not A Model” video. LOL

  18. Check ModelMayhem… it probably IS in their portfolios. I have seen worse on there from GWCs and have wanted to go on a killing spree.


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