Daily Rewind: Baby Bump or Homeless Woman?

Check our that baby bump, indeed!

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  1. I was in Lincoln, NE and there were about a dozen ‘photographers’ at Lincoln station and Pioneers Park Sunday. I was there to shoot my son and his finacee’s engagement pix (I have been a photographer for 23 years working at a newspaper and owning my own studio). One fauxtographer was shooting a girl’s senior pix on the steps …facing the sun. She was all squinty eyed. I just sighed.

    • I have to disagree with this making them a bad photographer. When I did my senior pictures, we found a beautiful place that no matter what the sun was going to be in my eyes. I opened my eyes right as he took the picture and they turned out GREAT!

      • I find the comment “No matter what the sun was going to be in my eyes” strange…

        The simplest trick is to photograph the model with their backs to the sun, or find some shade. With the model’s back to the sun, you can great some excellent rim lighting and dreamy effects and possibly even some stunning flares.

        You can easily find some shade on the back side of a barn or building.

        And true photographers usually have diffusers and equipment to reduce harsh light. I typically don’t use a lot of that stuff because I move around a lot on my shoots and I like to go for a more photojournalistic look, but I always have a diffiuser shield or an umbrella with me.

      • unless you’re in the middle of a field at high noon – there’s always shade some place. But the close your eyes and open them on the count of 3 usually will do in a pinch.

        This was a poorly conceived photo…not good at all.

      • Anonymous

        And do it at the correct time of day….

  2. I’ve never liked posing maternity photos with the mother lying down on her back. But this “pose” is especially unflattering.

  3. I find it hard to understand what’s going on in this photo. If I hadn’t known it was a pregnant woman lying down, I might have wondered if this was someone who was sick or dying, a crime victim, a woman who overate or overindulged in something. Nothing about the photo tell me she’s pregnant and certainly nothing makes it seem she is happy. And then there’s the blurry vignette that seems to have no point.

  4. skynigurl

    I think it’s Violet Beauregarde!

  5. WHERE is her right arm?! I can’t figure this out. It’s really creeping me out.

  6. The the morgue comes to mind, too. WTH was this Fauxtog thinking? I bet the poor preggo got stuck in that position. Probably had to be assisted to get back up.

  7. I was thinking this was a scene from CSI.

  8. Anonymous

    The most upsetting part is the person say’s they like this view. So they think it’s a good perspective!

  9. Anonymous

    Its a whale!

  10. This is absolutely awful! Just because you have a camera, does NOT mean that you are a photographer!

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